As die-hard The Bachelor / The Bachelorette / Bach in Paradise / anything Chris Harrison narrates fans, we have an exhaustive list of contestants we like to keep up with once their season is over.

Sharleen Joynt is top of that list. (FYI: She’s the Canadian opera singer who withdrew from season 18, leaving Juan Pablo in her glitter-covered dust.) Joynt is based in NYC, but returned to Toronto for the LaNeige Beauty Roadshow. We were first in line to grill her on Bachelor insider deets, first-date beauty tips and all of her skincare secrets. 

Elle Canada: Sooo, we HAVE to know, what did you think of JoJo’s season finale?
Sharleen: I have mixed feelings. I know there are a lot of rumours about if they are happy or not. JoJo didn’t look as happy as you would think she would look, but at the same time, if she is unhappy, it is probably stemming from everyone judging them and making assumptions, so for that reason I want to keep my opinions to myself. I feel like speculating only makes things worse. It’s such a hard thing they are going through right now, even if there are no rumours, so I wish them both the best.

EC: Did you have your own personal makeup artist when you were on the show?
S: No! Only the lead! JoJo had a hairstylist, makeup artist and stylist, but for everyone else, you have to do it yourself.

EC: Really! You never had your makeup done?
S: The only times they help you out is with those cheesy blue photos, they will touch you up a little, and on the first night you can have someone do your makeup. Except usually it is hours before, so I just said no. They offered me a 2 p.m. slot and we didn’t start shooting until 8! So I was like “No, it’s okay.”

EC: So, what did you do then? What is your makeup routine for a first impression?
S: I’m all about showing what you look like on a first date. So I will amp up the eyes a little bit, but I still want you to see what my skin looks like.

EC: What was your makeup like when you met your fiancé?
S: Well, I actually met him at an event, so I was not dressed for a first date. I had burgundy lipstick, my hair was in this dramatic updo, I was dressed for girls! I was making a statement! So I made sure that when we did go on our first date, I paired it down a little bit. For a first date you just want simplicity.

EC: We also want to know about your skincare routine, what are your go-to products?
S: I am pretty regimented about this stuff. I never sleep with my makeup on, and I use prescription retinol. I also love the Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Mask. I travel often and use it on the plane. People stare at me because I am all shiny, but they just need to deal with it. I’m hydrated and you aren’t!


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