It’s safe to say that the beauty world is definitely back on the nostalgia train. From colour French manicures to checkerboard nails, many are trying their hand at manicures that represent trends from decades past. And now, time has turned back to the swinging ’60s.

Enter: ‘Psychedelic Nails.’

Thanks to recent obsessions over Halston and The Serpent, the nostalgia behind this specific print from decades past has returned—first through clothing and now, on our nails.

Made popular by cult-favourite fashion brands Maisie Wilen and Paloma Wool, celebrities and Instagram It-girls have all donned the trend in various bold and bright colourways and psychedelic formations. Now, the marble-like print is being recreated to decorate our digits, and quite frankly, the trend looks like it’s here to stay.

Essentially Tame Impala in patterned form, the print is inspired by the process of marbling. Not the same as the stone—that’s made its way into just about every home on Pinterest—the technique involves adding single drops of coloured ink to clean water, then laying a blank piece of paper or fabric over the ink where the movement of the water helps to create the organic effect on your material once it is lifted back out.

Unlike the delicate nature of other spring shades, you can count on rich, contrasting colour and defined lines, as opposed to soft, blended variations in hue.

The best part? Despite looking a little complicated, psychedelic nails are one design that can be replicated at home, as long as you have: four nail polish colours, room temperature water, a toothpick and nail polish remover.

How to create a psychedelic manicure at home

First, prep your nails with a base coat. Once your nails are ready to paint, apply two thin coats of a base colour polish—a neutral is best here—and allow to completely dry.

Once your nails are dry, take a cup of room temperature water and place one drop of one nail polish in the water, then quickly drop a different colour directly in the centre of the first dot, and so on for the rest of your colours.

Here’s where the fun starts. With a toothpick, draw a swirl through the polish in the water to create the design that will end up on your nails. Don’t forget, the best-looking swirls can only be achieved in room temperature water. Water that is cold will cause the polish to dry too fast, leaving a less-than-impressive marble finish.

Once you’ve achieved your swirl, gently dip a finger straight through the centre of the swirl until the entire nail has been submerged in water. Wait a few moments for the polish on the water’s surface to dry, and then gently remove your finger and repeat on the remaining nails.

Fret not, this manicure is meant to be messy, so once your nails start to dry, use a clean up nail brush dipped into nail polish remover to clean up the polish on the cuticles and sides of the nail, and take a cotton swab to the rest of the skin.

If you’re looking for easier clean-up, liquid latex around the nail will create a barrier and help prevent the polish from sticking to the skin. Once each nail is completely dry, apply your top coat and voilà, psychedelic marble nails are complete.

But of course, if creating your own marbling manicure isn’t your strong suit, there’s no shame in heading to your local manicurist.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best psychedelic manicures to inspire your next trip to the salon.

This story originally appeared on ELLE Australia.

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