Welcome to our review of John Mayer’s first (that we know of) Snapchat beauty vlog: “Skin care [sic] secrets with John.” Let’s begin. 


Step 1

What John says: Wash with Proactiv – he doesn’t specify which cleanser.

What we say: Good start. Also: Mayer’s ex-girlfriend Katy Perry was the face of the brand, so we will imagine his interest in this product developed while they were dating. 


Step 2

What John says: Moisturize with Diamond Life Infusion from Mayer’s unexpected product line of choice, Natura Bisse. (Note: This is not actually a “lotion”, it’s a serum.) Very key, he says, is using the D.A.T. technique.

What we say: The “Direct Application Technique” is a term Mayer appears to have made up, but the reasoning behind the technique is accurate. “Applying skin lotion to your hands and then rubbing into your face gets a lot of lotion stuck to the crease of your fingers, and that’s expensive,” he explains. Also: If you rub product into your hands before applying it to your face, your fingers are getting the benefits of the active ingredients, not your face. 


Step 3

What John says: Apply eye cream. “Eye concentrate is really just better facial moisturizer, but more expensive in smaller bottles,” he says. 

What we say: Not quite, Mayer. Skin around the eye is thinner than the rest of the face and more dynamic. Eye creams and serums are developed specifically to treat this type of skin, and are usually unfragranced. 


Step 4

What John says: “Use a Vitamin C and E complex,” in an “offset smiley” shape. 

What we say: Vitamins C and E are amazing antioixidants that protect against free-radical damage. They can be used all over the face, although the offset smiley thing is cute. 


Step 5

What John says: Time for “the pièce de résistance” of the routine, the Natura Bisse Diamond Cream. Place dots in “CNZ” zones. (Crucial Necessity Zones). 

What we say: Is he sponsored by Natura Bisse? He has to be sponsored by Natura Bisse. This brand is the Dove soap to Mayer’s DJ Khaled. About the “CNZ” thing: Put moisturizer all over your face – if you’re drier in some areas than others, use a heavier cream. For the oiler areas, use a gel-textured lotion. Do not use a Q-Tip to do so. 


Step 6

What John says: Pull out the Diamond Mist Spray (by who else, Natura Bisse!), “it’s going to set in all the moisturizers,” he says. “Do not spray it directly on your face, this is far too hard for the skin.”

What we say: This is not a makeup setting spray, it’s more like a toner, so we’d put this on before the moisturizer – but to each their own. You can definitely spray it directly on your face – it’s a toner, not a jet stream – but from an arm’s-length distance is best to evenly disperse the product. 

See the tutorial in its entirety below.