Did you watch Harry Styles’ latest music video? If not, let me catch you up: It’s hot. And so is the inspiration for the upcoming drop from his brand, Pleasing. If you’ve been dreaming of Italian coasts and linen dresses à la coastal grandma chic, Harry’s here to transport you there, and he won’t even lose your luggage on the way. His new campaign is a retro-beachy, think striped towels, tan lines, and yes, a little watermelon sugar for when things get a little dull. It should come as no surprise that this new drop is called Hot Holiday. A.K.A., any summer that includes Harry.

Photography by Tom Johnson for Pleasing

What makes a summer extra toasty, you may ask? If Mr. Styles can’t be your beachside companion, here are some tips from the campaign images, taken by photographer Tom Johnson: Nail polish is a must, preferably in one–or more!–of the new shades launching. Are you feeling matcha-latte green, or a deep moody blue? Embellishing with cotton-candy tipped fingers is optional, but not a bad idea. With shade names like Beach Ball, Nonna’s Sorbet, Harry’s Chair, and Wet Bottoms, it’s hard to not get a few NFSW ideas of what your summer will look like. And did I mention that the nail polishes are biodegradable? There will be no french-tipped seagulls here.

Photography by Tom Johnson for Pleasing

Next up, we’re talking glow. So far, Pleasing has had two phases: Perfect Pearl and Shroom Bloom. Perfect Pearl launched in November 2021, with luminous whites, cool tones–Winter, in a nutshell. Shroom Bloom, which launched in March 2022, brought Springtime, with lush greens, forest vibes, mushrooms starting to poke out. And now, in July, Hot Holiday is upon us, with golden tans and bright blue skies. If Perfect Pearl was about a subtle sheen,

Hot Holiday moves away from subtle and into blinding–which is why their new body oil, Everybody Oil, encourages baring a bit more skin.

Photography by Tom Johnson for Pleasing

The final and most important step in a summer worthy of the Gram, according to Harry? Some good, old fashioned relaxation. This is not the time to send emails on the beach, it’s the time to get horribly sunburnt, bring your speaker to the waterfront, and lounge on a reclining beach chair until you’re hot, uncomfortable, and a bit too tipsy after a few mojitos. Or, that would be the case if you didn’t bring along your Pleasing Probiotic Soothing Spritz–a new product possibly better than that other spritz you’ve been sipping. Along with soothing botanical ingredients, this mist also contains bitter orange flower oil, which not only smells incredible, but also makes you feel like a human aperol spritz. And if that’s not your summer goals, I don’t know what is.

Hot Holiday is available now at Pleasing.com.

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Everybody Oil Matte Moisture Glow

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