Last week, Glossier announced they would begin shipping to Canada sometime this month, and hallelujah, that day has arrived. Starting right now, Canadians can order from the Glossier website and have the products delivered to an address anywhere in Canada. (Unfortunately, this excludes Quebec. Glossier plans to launch in the UK, and then France and Quebec next year.) As of now, there are no plans to open a showroom in Canada, even though the brand is setting up a satellite office in Montreal. 

Product prices have been set in Canadian dollars, so pricing is not effected by exchange rates. Canadians will be able to purchase 24 out of the 25 products Glossier currently has on the market; Invisible Shield, the brand’s sunscreen, will not be for sale. (We have a different regulations than the U.S. when it comes to sunscreen.) 

Not sure what to buy? The ELLE Canada team has tried and tested most items in the collection. See their thoughts on the line below. 


Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich ($43)


“I used up an entire pot of this stuff towards the end of last winter, and it was a buttery and just-juicy-enough night cream for my combo, late twenties skin. Buyer beware: This is a very lavender-heavy scent situation, which I adore, but you’ll hate if you’re not a fan.” – Sarah Laing, culture editor


Glossier Boy Brow ($20)


“Here is a life-changing tip when applying brow mascara: Wipe off most of the excess product from the tip of the brush before you apply. If you don’t, you will apply too much product, and your brows will look darker/more intense than you want them to be. That said, this is definitely my favourite item in the line.” — Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor 


“Due to a mix of fear and indifference I exited adolescence with my bushy, straight-across eyebrows intact. So my brows don’t need much in the way of shaping, but I’m always trying products to make them even better. What I like about Boy Brow is that it deposited just the right amount of product on my brow hairs without looking gloopy, and the small brush means no smudging everywhere. Did this product take my brows from good to Lily Collins? No. But it made my brows look like the best, most natural version of themselves. And isn’t that the brand’s entire MO?” – Liz Guber, associate fashion editor 


Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk ($22) 


“I’ve had my eye on the Cloud Paint ever since a ton of celebs walked the Oscars red carpet wearing it. For me—pretty fair with tendency to be red—the shade “Dusk” was a lovely, browny-rosy flush. You really don’t need a lot and I had best result applying a teeny scrape to the back of my hand first and then going on to my cheek.”  – Sarah Laing, culture editor


Glossier Lip Gloss ($17)


“I grew up on lip gloss and consider it a beauty bag necessity. Glossier’s take on the ’90s makeup must-have hit the nail on the head. The formula is super shiny, feels smooth and moisturizing rather than sticky and lasted on my lips all afternoon. I was listening to Lip Gloss by Lil Mama as I was applying it just to really set the mood, you know? This gloss is defs poppin’.” – Maryjane Peters, editorial assistant 


Cherry Balm Dotcom ($15)


“I have been using Vaseline on my lips for as long as I can remember and never thought anything could compete. Cherry Balm Dotcom gives the same long-lasting feeling of hydration with a subtle tint of red and a wonderfully nostalgic scent that reminds me of childhood. This one’s a winner!” – Danielle Campbell, designer 


Glossier Stretch Concealer ($22)


“I have dark circles, so I wish this had better coverage; I felt like I had to apply a lot of product to cover them up. But I loved how smooth it was to apply—it felt great on my skin. This would be perfect for light, soft coverage.” — Kiera Spronk, editorial assistant. Kiera used the shade “Dark.” 

“The “micro” waxes in this sheer-ish formula definitely lay down on skin in a breathable, almost flexible way. I like it for days when I want my skin to breathe and look dewy—there’s a really beautiful smoothness to the formula. Between the way it glides on and the hefty glass jar, it feels luxe. However, I would probably set it aside on days when I’m truly a pizza face and crave more coverage.” – Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor. Katherine used the shade “Light.”


Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint ($32)


“I loved how my skin felt after using Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer and Skin Tint in Dark. I hate feeling cakey and these products made my skin look and feel moisturized all day. Note: My skin really absorbed the Skin Tint, so I didn’t really see as much coverage as I hoped.” — Elaine Regio, market editor. Elaine used the shade “Dark.” 


Haloscope ($27) 


“I brought this highlighter in Topaz on a recent vacation, and it ended up being shared between three of my friends (all of various skintones). If you’re pale, it has a bit of a bronzer effect—but like all Glossier products, it’s very subtle. It’s my second favourite item in the line, after Boy Brow.” – Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor 

“I won’t leave the house without highlighter— it makes me look all bright and awake even if I stayed up late watching Game of Thrones. But I’m kinda over powders (my face is dry) and hate using my fingers (because messy), so when I saw the Haloscope I pushed everyone else on the team out of the way, grabbed the stick and ran back to my desk to try it. Verdict: It was brightening, but not glittery and took two seconds to apply (win). If you have two more seconds, try swiping across your lids as an eyeshadow.” — Carli Whitwell, special projects editor 


Glossier Generation G in Jam ($20)


“I’ve heard about these magical sheer yet matte formulas forever, and happy to report they feel extremely comfortable on skin—like a lip balm that isn’t overtly slippery, but also gives lips a bit of moisture which some matte lipsticks truly lack. I love how they look like worn-in lipsticks that have settled into your skin without completely wearing off.” – Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor 


Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask ($27)


“This soothing treatment is like that wise-talking friend who talks you out of sending a really angry text or reacting abruptly to a frustrating email: it makes everything in the world seem so much better. In addition to the visible dose of hydration (care of sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid), I also get a serious boost of brightening, which I’m always looking for in my post-angry text state!” – Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor 


Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($27)


“This mask promises to balance and condition pores, and after a comfortable 20-minute wear, I can report that post rinse, my skin had an impressive glow and softness to it, without feeling tight, like some clay masks tend to do.” – Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor