THE VISION: “Tracee is very involved with her look, so we play together, which is really good fun. She chose the clothes that she liked. Then, we discussed with the photographer the feeling they were going for, then we decide on what elements I’m going to bring. It’s so fun to work with someone who enjoys exploring different ways of wearing make-up.”



“[Unless I’m doing a really dramatic look] I always do skin and brows first for a natural and gorgeous look. I applied foundation and concealer with my fingers because it warms up the product and you can use a minimal amount and then, where you need more, just dab more on with your fingers. I used the concealer only under the eyes and sometimes I’ll do it around the lips to make a sharper line. I change up my brow pencils with her—I have a brown pencil and a black one I use for more dramatic looks like when she slicks her hair back.”

PRODUCTS: Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (in Banana) and Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo Anti-Fatigue Corrector Pen (in 8). Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift in Brooke S and Naomi.

PRO TIP: “To give the face a little glow, I use Kevyn Aucoin Pure Powder Glow Blush in Myracle. I just use the tiniest amount so you don’t see the colour on the skin, you just see the vibrancy it brings. I’ll use a big puffy brush and aim for above the brow but it goes a bit below the eyebrows too and just warms up the eyes and then I’ll brush on the cheeks to help the eyes to pop.”



“It wasn’t too intricate; it was just like a simple application of the shape. I always take into account how the eye shape will be affected by what I do. You don’t want it to look like the colour’s overtaken the eye and the eyelids are too heavy. Or if you do the colour underneath the eye, it can make them look droopy. A classic cat eye in yellow, green, pink or blue looks cool. Maybe you add an extra wing or do a half lid block shape or a line of bright colour under the eye. Just play until you like what you see. You can use a pencil or a liner pen, waterproof always stays put well.”

PRODUCTS: Diorshow On Stage Liner Matte Pink and Viseart Pigment Palette: 08 Editorial Mattes



“With the [bold eye shadow looks], we decided to do a nude lip–it was just a natural lip balm lip. The orange lip was my idea, but it stayed with the theme of playing with colour. I love a really bright, almost florescent mango orange or marigold-y orange. A face with freckles and an orange lip, there’s nothing more delightful. Whether you’re in you’re 20s or your 30s or your 40s, you just look fresh. This was a matte shade, which can be drying so I use a lip balm to wake up the lips. I’ll often use a scrub wipe from Sephora. It’s nice to prepare the lips before you put a matte lip on because otherwise you’ll see the dry skin.”

PRODUCTS: Dior Lip Maximizer to prep lips (then blotted off); Dior Rouge 658 Extreme Matte