Are you good to your body or do you treat it like a waste bin, filling it with rubbish and hosing it down just a couple times a year? Is your workout routine an actual routine or something that only amuses you from time to time? Take this quiz and find out just how motivated you are — it might surprise you.

1. Your idea of a strenuous workout is:
A) A 45-minute Body Pump class, followed by 30 minutes on the bike.
B) An hour of passionate sex.
C) Spending the afternoon power shopping.
D) Heading to the fridge during commercial breaks for Canada’s Next Top Model.

2. On an average day you drink the following amount of water:
A) 8 tall glasses.
B) “I don’t know, but I drink it all day.”
C) “Does 4 cups of coffee count?”
D) “Water? Yuk!”

3. Your most extravagant daily splurge is:
A) 1 tsp. of milk in your herbal tea.
B) An oatmeal raisin cookie after lunch.
C) Glass of wine with dinner.
D) “Does a large Toblerone bar count as splurging?”

4. Your skin ritual consists of:
A) Cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, eye cream, red-out, blemish reducer. . .
B) Cleansing, toning, moisturizing –repeated twice daily, of course.
C) Cleansing and moisturizing, at least once a day.
D) “What comes after soap?”

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5. The thing that motivates you most to keep in shape is:
A) The desire to look and feel healthy.
B) Knowing it will help you live longer.
C) Looking better than your younger sister.
D) Bikini season.

6. A normal weekend for you consists of:
A) Running, swimming and biking-training for your next triathlon.
B) A 9 am yoga class, followed by a Booster Juice and afternoon meditation.
C) Hitting the clubs and dancing until 4 am.
D) Doing laps around the mall — hey, it can be very exhilarating!

7. Meal planning in your house consists of:
A) Shopping once a week for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat and knowing what you’ll be eating on a daily basis.
B) Shopping when you need to and planning meals for a couple of days in a row.
C) Grabbing what’s quick and easy and spending an extra 30 minutes in the gym to burn off all those bad calories.
D) Eating what you want, when you want it. Life’s too short, right?!

8. To the best of your knowledge, antioxidants help fight:
A) Free radicals
B) Free liberals
C) Radical liberals
D) Oxygen deposits

9. Everyone has a vice and you’re proud to say that yours is:
A) Red wine and the occasional martini.
B) Dark chocolate — okay, chocolate in general.
C) “Is smoking a vice?”
D) “And a vice is what? Like that Jamie Foxx movie or something?”

10. When you look in the mirror you see:
A) Pretty much what I want. Nobody’s perfect, right?
B) A work in progress.
C) “I only look at my face in a mirror.”
D) “The mirrors in my house had to be removed. They were deemed hazardous to my ego!”

Page 2 of 2Your score:
1.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0
2.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0
3.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0
4.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0
5.a 4; b 3; c 2; d 1
6.a 4; b 3; c 2; d 1
7.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0
8.a 3; b 0; c 0; d 0
9.a 2; b 1; c 1; d 0
10.a 3; b 2; c 1; d 0

Baby’s got back! Hell, baby’s got front, sides and everything in between. You look and feel fantastic and you get off on pushing you body to its physical limits. Sometimes you can overdo it and sacrifice good eating habits to keep slim and trim but your attitude toward exercise, routine and a moderate reward system all help you look your best. Good on ya!

Moderation is the key to happy living and it’s your personal mantra. You know that you should exercise more and eat a little better but you keep your vices at bay and have enough willpower and self-restraint to look great most of the time. And so what if it takes you a couple months until you can get your bikini bottoms over your hips — that’s what spring is for!

Good to see that you’ve put down the Snickers bar long enough to read this. There’s lazy and then there’s you! You barely exercise, you don’t know what moderation looks like and you haven’t seen a vegetable in years. Are you sure you’re not a man? Get off the couch already and get thee to a personal trainer. Yeeesh!

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