The sweat you produce while dancing to Drake (physical exertion) isn’t the same sweat you’d produce if you were to meet him in person (emotional, uh, exertion). When your body temp jumps from dancing, eccrine glands—which can be found over most of the body—secrete a salty fluid that cools as it evaporates. But when you’re stressed, a mix of protein, lipids and amino acids is secreted from apocrine glands, like the ones in your underarms, which bacteria feast on—resulting in a malodorous situation.

Fake some chill with Degree’s new line of antiperspirants, which have an antimicrobial ingredient that works to eliminate bacteria as well as encapsulated-fragrance technology that reacts to sweat and movement. The more you sweat, the more fragrance is released, says Kebrabe Shibeshi, R&D manager, Home & Personal Care, at Unilever Canada, so you’ll be covered before and after you say something regrettable.

Degree Active Shield Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant ($6.97), at drugstores and mass-market retailers.

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