When you’re up for a promotion, shopping for gifts and simultaneously volunteering on the holiday planning committee, the last thing you need to be worried about is your nails. But how do you ensure your manicure remains intact when you’re fiddling with zippers and heel fasteners while running out the door?

Try polishing up your holiday ensemble with the Glacial Illusion winter collection from CND Shellac. It promises over two weeks of flawless wear, mirror shine and — our favourite part — zero dry-time and no nail damage after removal. Adorn your nails with cool and sophisticated hues that will make you an unstoppable force, both during your morning rush and at those year-end work parties. Here are a few classic shades that can be easily matched with your seasonal attire.



Winter nights

A velvet dress is our seasonal staple choice. With its soft textures and reflective sheen, the garment will look eye catching alongside the brilliant hues of the Winter Nights navy palette. And with such a classic colour, you’ll be set to begin the following morning with style and ease (even after a long and glamorous night).



Radiant chill

The holidays are the perfect backdrop for falling in love. Send a Radiant Chill through the room and choose silver or rose gold studs that highlight your sparkling eyes and compliment this polish’s namesake. These baubles will make you look camera-ready on the dance floor as you break out your signature move.



Alpine plum

Swish, swish. Bring on the winter fever with outfits that inspire movement, like a flapper-style skirt. The Alpine Plum colour evokes a flirty and feminine vibe to give you a boost of confidence, so you can be the first one to network the room.



Mystic slate

In true seasonal fashion, we must all call upon our inner ice queen. Highlight your Mystic Slate nails with accessories of an icy blue-grey sheen. Exercise caution, though — with such bold nails and accessories, you’ll be better off completing the outfit with a simple black or navy dress, rather than a shimmering silver sequin slip.



Cashmere wrap

The soft and delicate tones of the Cashmere Wrap polish are reminiscent of a decadent, costumed event. And isn’t life easier when elegance and sophistication are wrapped up in one simple package? For sauntering into soirées, choose heels with soft and subdued undertones. Your nails and heels will appear as elongating features of your natural silhouette.



Ice bar

Add a little glitz to your holiday ensemble and dazzle your look with CND’s Ice Bar polish. Like a shining light guiding the party to full force, take advantage of the effervescent diamond accessories that are staples of the season. Deck yourself out in silver bracelets, necklaces and rings and join the night as another of its sparkling creations.