Sorry, Monsieur West. This time you’re the one being cropped out of the photo. Come at me with your Kimye hatred, but I’ve got a fully stocked arsenal of to defend Vogue’s April cover girl. At
last night’s Met Gala. Sorry, does it still hurt to read that?   1. She has FINALLY started to pare back her hair and makeup. This whole
minimal movement in hair and makeup looks super fresh when worn with such an exquisite Lanvin dress (Emma Stone is another example). Do you think makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic had to had the bronzers from her? 2. There’s still evidence of classic Kardashian contouring, but it’s certainly not the starring role. I can’t deal with these broken up waves that bear just the right amount of glossiness. THEY’RE SO GOOD. The credit goes to Michael Silva, who
instagrammed a few shots of the bride to be last night. 3. I’m not usually in favour of gloss, but I think it’s working with the fluidity of the dress, the slight sheen in the hair, the slight sculpt in the cheeks—it’s all good, is
GOOP would say. 4. A deep side part is never, ever wrong. Show me someone who doesn’t look
18 times more gorgeous/sultry/careless/French after making that slight adjustment and I’ll delete this whole blog post. Or I won’t and say I did.