Aussie actor (and singer, dancer, all-around charmer) Hugh Jackman revealed a startling photo on his
Instagram account. A bandaged nose revealed that the beloved actor has basal cell carcinoma. A mark on his nose alerted his wife Deb, who insisted he have it checked. Well, unfortunately she was right. Jackman’s advice to his followers "Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!" According to the
Canadian Cancer Society, basal cell carcinoma often appears on the face, scalp, ears, hands, shoulders and back. Beware of sores that refuse to heal, or spots that:

  • are smooth and pearly
  • look waxy
  • look like a firm, red lump
  • sometimes bleed
  • develop a crust or scab
  • look like sores that show signs of healing but never heal
  • are itchy
  • look flat, red, scaly and crusty
  • develop into an ulcer (open sore)
  • have dilated (larger) blood vessels or appear blue, brown or black.

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