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Just as important as finding the right shade of foundation is finding the
best match of concealer. Vanessa Jarman, Rimmel Canadian makeup artist and spokesperson, gives three tips on finding the
best concealer for you.
Concealer tips:
1. “If you have a light complexion with blue-ish tones, find a concealer that is light and slightly peach in colour to cancel out and correct the visible blueness.”
2. “If you have a light to medium complexion and you see purple tones under the eye, opt for a yellow undertone concealer. This will cancel the purple.”
3. “For those of you who have deeper and darker complexions with dark or severe pigmentation under the eyes, conceal this area with an orange concealer. This will help draw out darkness and reflect light in this area. Orange concealer is the perfect shade for brightening and lifting the appearance of "bags". I recommend using this product under your foundation.”
You have the right shade, now get applications tips after the jump!