The divine Ms. Chung. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Last year, with a little help from beauty & health editor Katherine Flemming, I found my ideal pink lipstick: the bold "Sancerre" by Canadian beauty brand
Bite. Now in 2014, things are about to get real: my hunt for the
perfect red lipstick is officially on. Friends, I’m excited. Red lipstick is the alpha and omega of beauty drama—an unapologetic, instant shortcut to glamour. It’s the shade favoured by the most alluring women of all time. It’s also the hands-down winner in any kind of iconic beauty royal rumble (prediction for the final round: black mascara vs red lipstick). My current lipstick crush? It girl Alexa Chung who, in the above pic, paired her snow-white Chanel with a gorgeous orangey-red. As perfect as it is on her,
for my skin tone, I’m looking for a matte, blue-red colour—both bright and sophisticated. Any suggestions? Stick with me here as I test-drive shades in my search for the perfect red. Share your recos and feedback. Can’t. Wait.
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