Getting a smooth, even complexion doesn’t always come easily. It starts with clear, clean skin as a good base, but it also comes down to your makeup application expertise. The key to a stunning finish is not only choosing the right foundation colour and texture, but also in how you apply it. We asked the experts to share their best application tips so you can get gorgeous fast. And don’t forget the concealer! Basic concealer tips will help finish a flawless look.

How to get flawless skin
Every woman dreams of perfect skin: no bumps, no spots, no redness — just smooth sailing from neckline to hairline. Applying foundation is the key to this lovely look, but finding the exact foundation for both your skin tone and skin type can be a challenge! To demystify flawless skin once and for all, I gave DuWop makeup artist Kaci Harabedian ( four of your top foundation questions.

How to apply foundation
Getting smooth, even skin can be tricky. What Not to Wear‘s celebrity makeup artist Carmindy gives tips on choosing and how to apply the perfect type of foundation for your skin type.

Tips and tricks for perfect makeup application
Mastering a new makeup look (whether it’s a bold red lip, sculpted cheeks or evenly-toned skin) is rarely an easy task. Thankfully, we’ve sourced the best tips and tricks from the experts to make your makeup application go as smoothly as possible.

Beauty tips: How to apply concealer
With the multitude of concealer pens, creams, pencils and powders on beauty counters all meant to mask our imperfections it’s easy to get carried away and step away from the mirror looking worse than before we began our morning makeup routine. From the beauty brand renowned for its complexion prowess, Laura Mercier International Makeup Artist, Tayaba Jafri, shares her tips for when you apply concealer.