Lilac eyes
Seen at: Etro

If you’re not ready to don a florescent pout, why not sweep a little colour along your lids? Models whisked down the spring/summer runways with lids shaded in canary-yellow, cobalt, and ruby, but our personal favourite was lilac. M.A.C’s Senior Makeup Artist, Caitlin Callahan breaks it down for us with her step-by-step guide to a wearable summer look.

What you need: Start with a very soft, round eye shadow brush. The softer the brush you use, the softer the colour will appear on your lids. Callahan recommends M.A.C. brushes #225 or #217 and M.A.C. Beautiful Iris Eye Shadow, Digit Eye Shadow, and Boy Crazy Eye Shadow ($17.50).

Step 1: The key to this look is a wash of colour, think sheer and translucent with no lines to show where the colour begins and ends.

Step 2: Callahan says, “In the past, you may have wanted to leave a highlight or space between the colour and the eyebrow. A modern application has the colour right up to, and sometimes into the brow. Don’t be afraid! As long as your brush is very soft and the shadows have a light frost texture, the colour looks light, flowing and wearable.”

Step 3: “Start applying the shadow at the lash line and blend up to the brow as the colour wears off the brush. When (or if) you apply again, always start at the lash so the colour gradually fades up. Don’t forget to blend in towards the eye and out towards the temple, so that no lines of demarcation are visible.”


Step 4: Callahan recommends doing the same under the eyes, this time with a smaller eye shadow brush for more control. The lower down you blend the lilac shadow beneath the lashes, the more dramatic the look.

Step 5: “A soft coating of black mascara and a black pencil inside on the water line completes this eye.”

Tip: Keep the rest of the makeup warm with tones of caramel. Highlight with a touch of bronzer.

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Orange lips
Seen at: Jil Stuart & Twenty8Twelve

Wearing a high voltage lip colour like tangerine and persimmon can be daunting, that’s why we connected with Givenchy’s National Training Manager, Mylène Fillion to lay out the ground rules for getting the perfect orange pout.

Step 1: To help the lipstick appear more smooth and even, Fillion says, “The first step is to apply a small amount of luminous foundation on the lips as a base. Then, slightly powder your lips with a translucent powder” (Fillion suggests Armani mico-fil Loose Powder ($49).

Step 2: Using a lip brush for a more controlled application, apply the lipstick from the middle of the upper lip towards the ends. Do same thing for the bottom lip.

Step 3: To achieve a more clean and polished look, Fillion recommends using a lip liner around the edge of your lips. It is essential to use a lipstick that is moisturizing and high in pigment to maximize the length of wear.

Tip: Not all skin tones can handle a neon orange pout as it really depends on your individual colouring. Try playing around with shades of coral or peach, which are flattering on most skin tones, for an equally fresh summery look.

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Bronzed face
Seen at: Rodarte & Ruffian

For spring/summer 2011 Rodarte was inspired by the Redwoods of Northern California and the gold rush of 1840. The result? Natural and earthy complexions, while model’s tresses were blown out and clipped with handcrafted gilded barrettes. This organic feel was translated onto the face with a matte complexion and gold-foiled lips. We caught up with Clarin’s Canada National Artist Patrice Boudreau to give us the goods on how to achieve this glowing face. Here are his tips:

Step 1: Foundation “Begin by choosing a foundation with full coverage. The key to achieving a matted and even complexion is to dust powder over top of your foundation making sure to lightly dust the entire face.”

Step 2: Bronzer
“Using a powder brush gently sweep bronzer from your earlobes to the center of the cheeks.” If you have fair skin, Boudreau recommends dipping your powder brush into translucent loose powder before picking up the bronzer. “This will give you a more natural and earthy look.”

Step 3: Eyes “Keep things minimal! Use a light gold iridescent shadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye, brow bone and on the temples. Forget the eyeliner completely. The real secret is coating the lashes with a large dose of mascara.” Boudreau’s secret is mixing clear mascara with gold shadow to create a nude and shimmery eyelash look.

Step 4: Lips “To keep the look fresh, use a light-pigment gloss on your lips. If you want to experiment even more, press gold shadow into the gloss. Beautiful!”

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