This mouselike objet from VIOlight is actually a mini germ-killing machine for your toothbrush. Just place the head of your manual or electric toothbrush inside and a blast of ultraviolet light sanitizes 99.9 percent of bacteria living on the bristles—it’s a great way to disinfect your brush post-cold or postflu. It’s also small enough to take with you on your winter getaway, which makes us wonder: Was the creator inspired by that urban legend involving a toothbrush, a hotel room and a disposable camera?

VIOlight Zapi ($30)


Sea buckthorn berry is another buzz fruit that keeps popping up in skin care. That’s what happens when you’re an antioxidant superpower packed with vitamins A and E and more than 15 times the vitamin C of an orange. Infused with citrus essential oils, Weleda’s vegetable-based cleanser (free of synthetic, moisture-stripping ingredients) harnesses the healing fruit’s oily extracts to soften skin, making it the perfect body wash for thirsty, windchill- whipped bods.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash ($20)


Before you skip out on your workout early or blow your vacation fund on cashmere leggings, try talking to yourself first. A new study suggests that inner dialogue can curb impulsive behaviour. Researchers at the University of Toronto asked participants to press a button when they saw a particular symbol flash across their computer screen and refrain from pressing it when they saw a different symbol. They also had to repeat one word over and over to prevent them from talking to themselves while performing the test. The result? Subjects were more impulsive (pressed the button at the incorrect time) when they couldn’t use their inner voice, explains Michael Inzlicht, co-author of the study. “Without being able to verbalize messages to themselves, they weren’t able to exercise the same amount of self-control as when they could talk themselves through the process,” he says.


If you and your iPhone are already attached at the hip, now you can bring it along on your jog. The Nike GPS app turns your lifeline into an athletic coach. Map your route, mark your pace and tally your mileage, whether you are on the treadmill or on a trail. And if you hit the wall when the temps plummet, get a warm thought from Lance Armstrong or a laugh from Tracy Morgan, whose pre-recorded motivational messages can be heard between your playlist tunes.

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VIOlight Zapi ($30), at Winners,


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Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash ($20), at

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