We love us a workout DVD. (We grew up in the era of aerobicizing Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons’ Sweating to the Oldies, after all.) But not everyone is as inspiring as our moms’ fave fitness tapes, according to new research from Oregon State University. In fact, some of the bogus fitness claims – i.e. “you’ll look just like me – and hyper-sexualized imagery on this generation of exercise DVDs can be “psychologically harmful.” Researchers have learend that they can make you feel bad about yourself and less likely to work out.

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Poop pills are a thing
OK, technically, they’re not a thing…yet. But the future of weight-loss plans may include your No. 2. Docs at Massachusetts General Hospital are about to start a trial where overweight people ingest pills containing the frozen fecal matter of healthy individuals. Still scratching your head as to why it’s necessary? Us too. But it seems your poop contains intestinal microbes that have helped gut infections, so doctors theorize they could also help with obesity.

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Grammar lessons
This week in difficult news for journalists to write about: proper grammar in text messages is apparently not cool?! Apparently putting a period at the end of our sentences – aka DOING THE RIGHT THING, people – comes across as insincere in text messages. (At least according to a study a Binghamton University in New York) Sigh. Exclamation marks, however, were seen as genuine. Great! News!

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Food for thought
Have a bad sleep after a night of tacos and tequila? (And not just because of heartburn.) What you eat is linked to the quality of your Zzz. A new study has found that when you eat less fibre and more saturated fats and sugars you’re more likely to doze restlessly. So up those prunes and cut back on the gummy worms in order to make the most of your eight hours.

Fat water is now a thing

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