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Myotonology, Smartlipo,
Ultrashape, Breast injections

Myotonology This gentle therapy relies on microcurrent-low-frequency electrical impulses that were originally used to treat Bell’s palsy-to penetrate the skin and spot-tone facial muscles affected by gravity, reducing wrinkles and jowls. The procedure, which may require eight to 25 treatments, costs $145 to $200 per treatment and will be available in Canada soon.

Smartlipo Invented in Italy, laserlipolysis involves inserting a cannula into the face or body to dissolve stubborn fat and cellulite. Smartlipo is considered a safe
alternative to liposuction, promising to keep inches off for up to four months. Approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected later this month.

Ultrashape Also known as ultrasonic body sculpturing, this procedure focuses ultrasound energy on specific body parts to selectively break down fat cells while protecting skin, nerves and blood vessels. The contouring costs $1,050 to $1,400 per treatment and may require two or three treatments. With a strong safety record and rare reports of minor blisters, Ultrashape is awaiting FDA approval in the United States but is already available in parts of the United Kingdom.

Breast injections Three years ago, British medical scientists predicted that hyaluronic acid injections would be used to grow modestly bigger breasts. Manufacturer Q-Med concedes that a body-contouring product is in the works for breast enhancement but does not know when it will be on the market.

What’s next?
Collagen builders (Thermage, Titan)
These high-tech procedures restore the skin’s vitality by penetrating the skin and rebuilding collagen thinned by the aging process. Thermage reduces signs of aging and improves imperfect complexions by using radio-frequency energy to heat deeper skin layers and remodel collagen. The newest version, Titan, blasts collagen with infrared light, alternately heating and cooling the skin to contract and tighten targeted areas.
Cost Thermage, $1,500 to $4,000; Titan, $2,200.
Maintenance Titan requires a follow-up appointment one month after the procedure.
Downtime Both of these collagen-building procedures can be done over the lunch hour. If there are any visible reactions following the treatments, they can easily be touched up with makeup.
Drawbacks In extremely rare cases, Thermage can cause burns. Titan treatments may cause minor, temporary redness and swelling.

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