1. How to motivate yourself when you’re feeling sluggish?

I just try to remember my main goal.

2. Workout song that revs you up:

“Drop That” Jacob Plant.

3. Song that helps you chill:

“Earned it” by The Weeknd. I love him

4. Technique you use for relaxing:

Walk around at the backyard before sleep

5. Best training advice you’ve ever been given:

Believe in yourself

6. What you eat first thing in the morning:

I drink water

7. What you eat before a workout:

I don’t eat before.

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8. What you eat after a workout:

Always a protein of some sort.

9. What you wash your face or body with post-workout?

I think Collistar face wash is the best.

10. How many glasses of water do you drink a day?

6-8 glasses

12. How do you style your hair during a workout?

We need a super comfortable hairstyle. A bun is a good choice for our training.

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13. Favourite thing to do on during your downtime?

Go to the cinema to watch a new movie

14. Biggest food indulgence?

I only eat healthy food; sometimes I’ll do gourmet. It’s delicious!

Patricia Bezzoubenko is part of the CIBC Team Next, a program created by CIBC, lead partner at the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

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