1. What’s your morning exercise routine like?

I start the morning with a short run. I like to incorporate that into my regular activities around the neighbourhood so it doesn’t feel like a separate workout and I can spend time outside. I usually run about 2-3 miles and loop around to grab my morning coffee, stop by my local breakfast spot, or buy fruits and veggies at my local farmers market. I’m fortunate enough to live somewhere that has a lot to offer within walking distance to my house.

2. Do you work out again the evening?

The afternoon or early evenings is when I go for a harder workout. I like to mix it up between playing tennis, taking a class (like spinning, bootcamp, yoga, or boxing), or going to the gym to strength train. On the weekends I like to travel a little further and incorporate my workouts with discovering a different neighbourhood or spending time in nature, that would mean going for a hike with a pair of weights in Griffith Park or running the stairs in Santa Monica.

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3. Give us the low-down on the Adrianne Ho workout.

I start with a stretch, then do the following circuit five times in a row, with a water break in between each round:
•    20 jumping jacks.
•    15 mountain climbers.
•    20 tricep dips.
•    15 jump squats.

4.  Which body part do you love to train most?

My stomach. I can always feel and see effects of a good abdominal session almost immediately, which is very rewarding. I love feeling shready!

5. How do you alter your routine when you have an upcoming shoot?

When prepping for an important shoot I adjust both my diet and workout routine. First I increase my water intake to reduce water retention and flush out toxins. That prevents any bloating and keeps my skin clear and healthy, especially if I’m going to be flying a long distance. I lighten my load of sugar and processed carbs, eating meals that are heavy in veggies and protein to keep me full longer. In terms of working out I will focus on weight training a week before, especially if I’m shooting lingerie, swimwear, or active. I also hit a couple extra heavy sweat classes like Soul Cycle or hot yoga to release toxins and get rid of extra water weight.

6. What are your top five no fail sculpting moves? Why?

•    Barbell squats: Tone, tightens, and lifts the butt while sculpting the thighs. When you add weight and have good form it also works the abs. This is key for looking great in tight pants and also improves other workouts.
•    V-lifts: Shreds abs in no time. I like to do 3 sets of 15 with another move (like planks, mountain climbers, or russian twists) in between. They say abs are made in the kitchen but for me this move is a close second. If it starts to get easy add a 5lb weight or pass a ball back and forth between your hands and feet.  
•    Running stairs: Cardio and lower body sculpting combined! Running stairs will have your heart pumping while working and firming your butt and thighs.
•    Kettle Bell Swings: Kettle bell swings are a full body exercise, working the butt, core, and arms while providing you a little cardio workout on the side. I like to do intervals of Kettle Bell Swings between crunches, russian twists, push ups, and planks to keep things interesting.
•    Planks:  Strengthens your entire core, especially the muscles that hold everything in and keep your stomach tight. Plus it only takes a few one minute intervals to get the job done. Who doesn’t have time for that? This strengthens the muscles that are your body’s natural girdle.

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7. Is there a specific exercise you do everyday?

I run almost every day even if it’s not for distance. I have asthma so if I don’t keep up with my cardio it can start to catch up on me.

8. How has your relationship to exercise changed since starting Sweat the Style?

When I started modeling, I had to work extra hard to fit in the standards of the industry. It was hard at times to stay disciplined while it seemed like everyone else was carefree. I eventually learned to see my commitment to fitness and health not as a sacrifice, but as a privileged opportunity to have fun improving myself. That’s what sparked the creation of Sweat The Style. Since then everyday I’m thankful that in the process of overcoming my “weaknesses” I discovered my strength. Now when I go for my workouts I make sure to put my best workout clothes on, be thankful, and give it my all! All time spent on the computer, in meetings, on set and in the studio working on the Sweat The Style brand has made me extra thankful for the time I get to exercise. It’s not I “have ” to anymore, but I “get” to. Creating a brand from my lifestyle has been the most rewarding aspect of my career.

9. Do you prefer strength, or cardio–or both? And why?

I can’t have just one without the other. Both are important for different reasons. Cardio is good for the heart and lungs, it gets your whole body moving while making you sweat away toxins and stress. Strength training makes you stronger which helps prevent injuries and tones your body.

10. When you’re not feeling motivated but know you need to work out, what’s your method of choice? What about when you’re feeling really strong and ready to kick butt?

Music is everything. It plays a huge roll in motivating me to get moving, that’s why I have friends and DJ’s make workout mixes exclusively for Sweat The Style. When I’m not feeling motivated I sign up for a group class, it sets a specific time that I have to workout by and once I’m at the studio there’s no leaving, especially in front of a ton of people. When I’m feeling really strong and ready to kick butt I’ll hit the gym or a park and make up my own routines (a lot that is featured on SweatTheStyle.com). Those routines usually consist of a mix of plyometric exercises (i.e. burpees, jump squats, mountain climbers), cardio, and some strength training. The mixture of really heavy weights and high intensity intervals always pushes me passed my limits.

11. Is there anything else you would like to add?

This August, Sweat The Style is launching a new brand called Sweat Crew with American retailer PacSun. It will be available in over 650 of their stores across the United States and online. It’s the first of its kind as truly fashionable fitness clothing that can be worn in the gym and the streets. Active streetwear with great engineering for technical performance. What’s really great about the brand is the price point. It has a high fashion aesthetic in the tailoring, silhouettes, and details but you won’t think twice about sweating in it. Our team and their team have been working on the brand together quietly for over a year and I’m so excited for it to launch back to school.

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