Walk on

Can living in a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood help you stay slim? That’s what a new study from The University of Utah in Salt Lake City suggests. Researchers discovered that people who live in “walkable” neighbourhoods – usually those built before 1950, which are more densely populated and have a range of destinations for pedestrians – are less likely to gain weight, with women weighing an average of six pounds less than residents of newer locales. Don’t live in a stroll-friendly area? “Park your car farther from your workplace and walk the remaining distance,” says Barb Gormley, a fitness trainer in Toronto. “Add walking to your social times too. Walking at a leisurely pace with your coffee instead of sitting down has health benefits.”

Level ground
Outdoor hikes aren’t always a walk in the park, thanks to uneven terrain, rocks and roots. New Balance’s trail shoes feature RockStop technology, a durable shock distribution plate that protects your feet by reducing pressure. They’re also ultra-lightweight, with high-tech traction on the soles for slippery surfaces. RockStop trail shoes ($119.95, New Balance)

Step class
If you thought you had to sweat it out at the gym to drop pounds, think again. My Weight Loss Coach, a new game from Ubisoft, motivates players to get fit through nutrition and exercise. It includes a free pedometer (taking 10,000 steps daily is optimal for achieving weight loss and fat loss), as well as tips, challenges and quizzes to track your progress. My Weight Loss Coach ($40, )

Higher intelligence
Shouldn’t what we put on our bodies be just as safe as what we put in our bodies? Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher thinks so, which is why he created Intelligent Nutrients, a line of biodynamic, organic-based personal-care products and supplements that’s launching in Canada this fall. “We have food-grade ingredients,” he says. The collection includes fragrances and skin-care and hair products, as well as Intellimune Oil, an antioxidant-rich blend that can be ingested or applied topically. Innercalm ($65) and Total Body Cleanser ($39)