Has the pre-wedding diet gone too far?

Apr 17 2012 by
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Brides weigh in, literally.
Wedding season is around the corner, but this year there is a new (and alarmingly popular) method for fitting into your dress. Enter the feeding-tube frenzy… The K-E diet is a new pre-nuptial diet craze that relies on a small feeding tube to administer a protein and vitamin-rich fluid to brides for 10-days. Little by little, fluid is deposited into the stomach (via the nasal passage) and is said to erase appetite completely. This liquefied concoction restricts your caloric intake to 800 calories/day and promises brides they will shed 20 pounds during the program. While you may agree with
Kate Hudson in
Bridesmaids— “You don’t alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.” –I highly doubt that Mrs. Wang would encourage feeding tube fittings.
Not only are there unpleasant side effects (bad breath, exhaustion, and constipation to name a few), but you have to spend a week and a half with a tube coming out of your nose while you tote around a plastic bag of fluid. And this is somehow preferable to going to the gym? Perhaps as a non-bride-to-be I can’t appreciate the value of the K-E diet, but any process that promotes “leakage” and “nasal drip” seems to have crossed the proverbial fitness-fence from ingenious to terrifying/ridiculous.
What do you think of this pre-wedding quick fix?

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