Embracing undone beauty is where it’s at for 2017 (frizzy curls, roughed-up braid and more). This spring, Charles Baker Strahan, hair pro for Herbal Essences—who handles the hair of some of Hollywood’s best tresses— dishes on why you should care about mousse, is stoked about mousse (trust him, guys), statement-making hair and reviving damaged strands.

Sporty, wet hair is huge for spring – how can you pull it off without looking like an extra from Wild Things?

“The sporty look at Alexander Wang this season is reminiscent of those wet hair looks we saw in the ‘80s. The difference now is that it’s all about intentionally styled hair. If it’s a wet look, it’s not just you just got out of the deep end. It’s about the hair having a uniformity and conformity to it, so giving it a beautiful blowout and then using a hairspray to make sure you don’t have any flyaways. That’s the more realistic way of expressing the clean and structure of a sporty style like that as opposed to being a literal representation of –it’s a way of saying I’ve put effort in to this – what you put it in to it is part of the statement. What you put in to it is part of the statement.”

What’s the one styling product you can’t live without this spring?

“Mousse is my obsession right now and curly hair is definitely having a moment. I put the new one from Herbal Essences Flexible Style Mousse on clean, dry hair and no matter how many applications I do – hair is never crunchy. I think that’s what really modern about it – there’s a softness to the hair; there’s an ability to feel and experience. When you look at it, it still looks like your hair.”

Is swapping your shampoo necessary for great hair or can you rely on same tried-and-true formula?

“A lot of women think that they have to switch shampoos because it ‘stops working.’ The fact that Herbal Essences Bio:Renew has a cumulative response – that you feel the hair change the first time, but you continue to see and feel the hair improving and looking better over 21 days really is a game-changer.”

Can you really “revive” hair once it’s damaged?

“Even though hair isn’t living, there are many things to can do to treat it and preserve it so it looks healthy. Think of it like a silk shirt or other delicate fabrics – even though they’re not living and breathing, the more care you take with them, the better condition they’ll be in and longer they’ll last. The Herbal Essences Bio:Renew range is like a treatment for your tresses every time you’re in the shower – it zeros in on free radicals and neutralizes them, strengthening hair from the inside out so it looks softer and shinier, for longer.”