What if you could save a few bucks by skipping a salon appointment? This is what the new Bond Repair range from L’Oréal Paris promises: affordable, easy-to-use hair care that’s comparable to a salon treatment. Janet Jackson, L’Oréal Paris hair expert, owner of Toronto’s JouJou Hair Studio and winner of Hair Artist of the Year at the 2022 Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, explains the technology behind Bond Repair and shares her pro tips for making the most of these products.

Janet Jackson

Janet JacksonL’Oréal Paris

Tell us about L’Oréal Paris’ Bond Repair.

“It literally meets all expectations! L’Oréal Paris has developed an amazing technology and put it into products that take only 10 minutes to use at home between visits to the salon. They’re like a budget-friendly version of a salon treatment. The products are very easy to use, totally affordable and easily fit into any hair-care routine.”

What makes it different?

“Consumers are looking for hair-repair products with long-term results, and that’s what Bond Repair delivers. It strengthens and almost completely rebuilds the hair fibre by restoring weakened bonds at the heart of the hair follicle—the deepest and most essential layer of our hair. Plus, the formulas contain citric acid, a natural ingredient that helps repair damage to reveal healthy-looking, shiny hair.”

Who is it for?

“Bond Repair is designed to treat all kinds of damage—whether it’s from bleaching, colouring, heat, UV rays, chemicals in the water, dehydration or mechanical damage from too vigorous brushing—and it works on all hair types.”

Are there any dos and donts with these products?

“If you have fine, oily hair and want to use the pre-shampoo, just apply it from mid-length to the ends of your hair, not near the scalp. If you have textured hair, you can apply it from roots to ends. Then apply the conditioner—be sure to saturate your hair with it—and use a moisturizer or mask afterwards.”

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