When it comes to experimenting with my hair, I’ve done it all. From different hair colours and hairstyles to Keratin straightening treatments, my hair has been put through the ringer. I have been highlighting my hair for the last 12 years, and my 3C curls are quite dry and damaged, and I’ve even got split ends. I’ve tried several hair colour brands, but as a long-time fan of Moroccanoil, I was super excited to test out their new Colour Rhapsody Permanent Colour Collection.

Moroccanoil launched their full portfolio of permanent colour mixers, lighteners and developers. The collection’s technology is powered by Arginine and ArganID, which allow for better colour penetration, and helps repair and seal the hair follicle.

After previously trying Moroccanoil’s temporary hair colours with minimal results, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the brand’s new line. For my treatment, I went to the Lisa Dinh Hair Studio (Dinh is the Canadian Brand Ambassador of Moroccanoil) and from the 68 permanent shades, I opted for a mix of copper red, brown and copper.

Senior Colourist Paul Mendo worked his magic and I love my new look. My hair hasn’t felt this soft and smooth after a colour treatment before—the shine is also visible after treatment. My colour is expected to last for nine weeks and needs to be toned in order to refresh the shade. My only issue is that the colour stains the scalp so my hair needs a few good washes right after application to all get the red out.

Marriska Fernandes

This is Moroccanoil’s first foray into hair colour. Tell us a bit about the new hair colour line.

Moroccanoil has finally launched a new Professional Hair Colour Line, which includes a Moroccanoil Professional Hair Colour + Lighteners, Colour Rhapsody in 68 Permanent shades and Colour Calypso in 44 Demi shades along with lighteners and developers.

How is it different from other hair colour lines on the market?

Moroccanoil Colour is different from other hair colour lines because of the breakthrough technology featuring ProArginine + ArganID System for exceptional protection throughout the colour process. The system is proven to provide protection while delivering vibrant, long-lasting colour with shine.

I’ve tried several different colour brands. What makes this a good option for my curly, frizzy and dehydrated hair?

Moroccanoil offers amazing breakthrough technology featuring ProArginine + ArganID System that begins to repair the hair by patching up the damaged areas of the cuticle. The ArganID infuses the antioxidant and moisturizing powers of argan oil deep into the cortex of the hair. So during hair colouring, hair that is curly, frizzy and dehydrated is being cared for. Also the lighteners Blond Voyage have Bondcare + ArganID which strengthens the hair and reinforces bonds to help reduce damage and breakage.

Marriska Fernandes

What’s the biggest hair colour trend you’re seeing this year?

I would say a lot of warmer and richer shades and tones that add more dimension and richness to the hair. We’re seeing a lot more fullness to the hair, even when it comes to haircuts and styling. The 90’s layers are making a comeback and also full bangs.

What tricks or hacks you recommended to maintain the colour for a longer time?

I would say using cooler water to maintain colour. Hot water strips out colour and cold water keeps the colour in. We tell all of our clients to wait 24-48hrs before washing their hair right after a colouring service. This ensures the color maintains and lasts longer. Also using the proper hair care products to maintain color such as Purple Shampoo, Conditioner and for fashion colours, we even have masks with colour in them to help maintain the colour. To customize a shade, a trick or hack with hair care products such as Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is add some direct dye to it and create your own hair mask with a deposit of color to refresh your hair colour.

Also, investing in a good shower head, sometimes hard water can affect how our hair feels, looks and even the colour.

What should be avoided once you get the fresh colour?

Avoid being in the sun for too long and avoid being in any pools with chlorine! This will prevent your hair from fading faster.

What are your favourite products from Moroccanoil to take care of the hair and keep hair colour for long?

My favourite products are Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion, the Moroccanoil Treatment, and of course the shampoo and conditioners. This will all protect the hair and keep the colour by using professional products to maintain the colour and keep the hair healthy, shiny and always protected.


Rhapsody Permanent Cream

Price: Available at your local salon


Smoothing Lotion

Price: $40


Moroccanoil Treatment

Price: $55