If you have straight hair, but want waves… 

“Take a hydrating styling cream, and apply to hair so it looks moist. Braid hair tightly all the way down, leaving out the last one to two inches of hair. In the morning when you wake up, you’ll have these really beautiful mermaid waves,” says Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil global ambassador.


Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream ($38), at moroccanoil.com.


If you have curly hair…

Never go to sleep with wet hair. It feels soooo good to fall into bed right after your shower, but hold off and diffuse your hair or let it air dry. If you sleep with it wet, it will weaken your curl formation, says Jonathan Torch from the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto.

Try a braid. How tight or loose it should be depends on your curl pattern – you want the braid to mimic your curl pattern. This technique also works for wavy hair types.

Use a revitalizing spray in the morning. Curls tend to frizz and flatten where they are pressed against your pillow during all those sweet dreams. Try a refresher spray to revive ringlets. Hughes sprays a mist all over the hair and then scrunches or retwirls individual curls with his fingers. The more lightweight, the better. “It’s not about weighing the hair down. [You want] to decrease the frizz and bring the shine back,” says Hughes.



Curl Keeper Beach Mist ($17.50), at frizzoff.com.

If you have afro-textured or relaxed hair… 

First, make sure your hair is completely dry. Then, “gather all the hair up into one big loose pony at the top of your head. It is a way to [bring] all the curls to one location. Since your ends are sitting on top of your head, they will keep their curl definition with minimal frizz,” says Torch. “It is best to use silk or satin materials to wrap the curls to avoid any snags and keep your curl formation intact. Satin material is much softer and easier on your curls than cotton. Silk scarves help control the movement of relaxed hair that is prone to frizz and tangles.”


If you have fine hair…

Try an Invisibobble. It allows you to tie up your hair without leaving indentations.


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