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Hair accessories capped off some of this season’s most memorable runway looks, so why not incorporate a little
hair bling in to your holiday party look? For an instant outfit pick-me-up, check out these hair accessories that are perfect for all your holiday needs.

Occasion: New Year’s Eve
Hair accessory must: 70s-inspired Boho hair jewels


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New Year’s Eve is kind of like Halloween for the fashion-obsessed: Sartorial risks are always encouraged for this special night and this chain headpiece from Free People is the perfect way to accessorize that LBD you’ve likely worn in public no less than three times. Ring in the New Year with a fun headpiece like this (similar to the ones celebrities like Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens); however keep makeup minimal and hair loose and lightly messy. (Flat-ironed locks with a centre-part chain are a tad Cleopatra.) Generally, think of New Year’s Eve as that night you’ll wear something just the once and purely for theatrics. It’s indulgent and slightly diva, and with a glass of champagne toasting the year behind you, it feels so good to be fashionably flippant.

Occasion: A holiday luncheon with your co-workers
Hair accessory must: A tasteful barrette

Fun as the holiday season may be, you still have to get to work and if you’re a nine-to-fiver in an office, the goal is to look presentable and polished without going overboard—flashy hair accessories of all kinds are best kept for nights out and weekends. Keep it simple and on-trend for holiday hair at work with a barrette like this art deco-inspired one from Banana Republic. Even a hint of sparkle will add some needed flair to an otherwise blah workday outfit.

Occasion: Girls night out
Hair accessory must: A leather bow

Nights out on the town are great for trying out fun hair accessory fads that may be fleeting. We love this leather bow from Anthropologie for its simultaneously sweet and edgy appeal, and also for its perfect size. The bigger the bow, the greater the chance of looking doll- or clown-like (best to be avoided). Keep it fashionably forward, and not at all tacky, with a small-to-mid size bow like this one.

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Occasion: The office holiday soiree
Hair accessory must: Barrettes or headbands with upscale details

The annual office party is always a fun way to dress up in a style that’s innately more you and also a touch more glamorous. Go on: Get a little glitzy! Your coworkers are probably used to seeing you in prim pencil skirts and modest heels so now is the time to jazz up your look. Banana Republic’s jeweled, feather barrette is a feminine way to finish any perfectly undone holiday hair up-do. Fasten sparkly hair accessories low on the head, and slightly towards the back. Keeping these pieces visible only from certain angles is a surefire way to shine subtly.

Occasion: An outdoor date
Hair accessory must: A toasty headband

Headbands have come a long, long way from the itchy neon pieces of ski hills gone by. This Pendleton headband will keep your head and ears warm while you get outside for some outdoor activity this winter. Whether figure skating, hiking or simply navigating city streets (known to some as downtown aerobics), slip on this amazing Pendleton hair accessory to stay stylish and warm.

Occasion: Christmas with the in-laws
Hair accessory must: A demure headband

There’s something about a headband that says “good girl” when you want it to. And who doesn’t want their in-laws to think they’re both good, and full of good taste? Pearl & Ivy’s “Alice” headband (the name says it all) is the sweetest way to top this year’s Christmas outfit. While simple black headbands will eternally be chic, why not spruce up your crew neck knit or Peter Pan collar with a punchy, softly sequined headband like this one? With this charming look, you’re sure to be the toast of the table.

Whatever the holiday occasion, adding a hair accessory to a simple outfit is the fastest way to change up your look while your hard-earned shopping dollars are focused on others for a change. Liven your holiday outfits with sweet barrettes, bows, headpieces or bands; you’ll be feeling the festive spirit sooner than you think.

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