As we transition in long sleeves and light knits with fall on the way (we’re so sad to say goodbye to you sweet summer! Until next time …), we’re also keen on trying something a little different with our hair style. Nothing drastic—just a little something to match the change in wardrobe and even attitude; in the autumn, don’t you find yourself yearning for a fresh start? There’s good news if you have thick hair: you have more options since you have more to play with. But don’t fret thin-hair ladies—we can all play around a little. Here are some subtle hair style changes that’ll give you the sense of renewal you’re craving and keep you on track with fall’s hottest hair trends:

Fall hair trends: Get a fringe

“The easiest way to convert a hair style is to
cut some bangs,” says Rabi Bazzi, a stylist at Bruno Desjardins salon in Montreal. “Bangs change the shape of your hair and affects the structure of your profile without changing your entire haircut,” he says. “You can play with the frame, or the layers that come from the fringe, for a different look that’s very visible.” Bazzi adores how Zooey Deschanel and Kim Kardashian get such different looks with their fringes. “Kim’s are cropped straight sometimes, and then they’re more wispy and to the side another day,” he says.

Fall hair trends: Play with the thickness

“The no-haircut haircut,” says Bazzi of this type of hairstyle change, in which you play with the thickness, by texturing the hair in a different way. “The hair takes on a whole new dimension,” he says. If you have full length hair with no layers, for example, and you don’t want to lose length, you can add surface layers to help lose some of the weight; it’ll add movement and volume and body, but you won’t look like you had your haircut, he explains. Someone who often gets her hair cut in this way, says Bazzi, is the newly engaged Jennifer Aniston. “Sometimes her hair looks like a thick, long bob, and sometimes it’s wispier at the edges, etc.”

Fall hair trends: Change up your styling tools

Ask your stylist for a haircut that offers versatility. This is a key to a modern haircut, says Bazzi, who adds that if your hair is done properly these days, you should be able to get two to three looks out of the same cut, depending on how it’s structured. Then you can sometimes use a flat iron and make layers disappear, or put away the flat iron and return to your brush and blow dryer only (something too many of us don’t do enough of these days, says Bazzi) so you get more movement. “Fall in love with your blow dryer and brush again for some
sexy waves.”

Get a perm (yes, we just said the word "perm") on the next page …
Fall hair trends: Get a perm

You read that right. If you haven’t had a perm since junior high, things have changed a lot, says Bazzi. “The rollers are different, the chemicals have changed – so now you can get waves that look like you used a curling iron, and then you can just wear your hair natural,” he says. Think
big, loose waves and body rather than kinky, just-got-permed looks of yesteryear.

Fall hair trends: Style curly hair with curls

people with curly hair tend to get their hair thinned out too much and do too much to it. Bazzi says to keep layers below the chin and to fuss less with the hair. “The more you do to it, the more it’ll react,” he says. One curly cut he’s done a lot of recently looks much like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’s current cut. “It’s cut in a bob and styled with curls—it’s a little bit 1950s where you curl in some curls with an iron and then blow it out a bit,” he says.

Fall hair trends: Get your hair healthy with a hair masque

Healthy hair is easier to style, says Bazzi, so getting your hair into the best shape ever should always be your top priority. “Give your hair a vacation every 10 days or so and use a hair masque to boost hydration,” he says. We tend to focus on proper hydration for our skin, but overlook hydrating our hair after all. If your hair is very damaged and unmanageable, he suggests trying a keratin treatment. “If you have unruly hair, these can truly change your hair and the ones approved in Canada are safe to use,” says Bazzi.

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