Humid summer days might mean dewy, glowy skin and sun-soaked days at the beach, but it also equals major hair issues (a.k.a intense hair frizz and flyaways) that no one wants to deal with. Thankfully TRESemmé pro stylist Maina Militza gives us her best tips on preventing and fighting the frizz this summer.

Know your frizz
Not all frizz is created equal according to Militza. “There’s the frizz that occurs when hair is damaged (broken ends, flyaways) and there’s static frizz (a high negative charge on the air) which can also cause frizz to happen,” she explains. And they both need to be treated differently.

“If your hair is damaged, use product that will help to restore and protect it and cut your hair every three months to avoid split-ends,” advises Militza. “To avoid static, use a climate control line that will help to fight static. Brush your hair with a good brush made of natural bristles, or a large teeth brush made of metal or ceramic, not plastic. Plastic causes ridiculous static and can break your hair.”

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Hair frizz: The culprit
“Frizzy hair occurs often in the summer because there is a difference in the humidity content of the air, in comparison to other seasons,” explains Militza. “This will change the condition of your hair. Add on top of that exposure to the sun and the heat that tends to take away your hair’s moisture and you get dry and frizzy hair!”

Hair frizz: The best prevention
The key to having frizz-free hair all summer long? Prevention. Keeping your hair healthy and avoiding as much sun exposure as possible will keep frizz at bay according to Militza. Her best prevention tips:

1. Wear a hat or avoid sun exposure when it is at its strongest.

2. Use product that are anti-static and that contain an UV protection. “Use a shampoo that will gently cleanse and moisturize your hair and help control static and a conditioner that will moisturize, protect against UV, static and humidity to help control frizz.” TRY: The Climate Control line from TRESemmé.

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3. “I would recommend to spray a bit of the Climate Control Finishing Spray on your hair to fix and add extra protection against the frizz since it provides protection against humidity, wind and static.

4. “Once a week you should deep moisture your hair with a mask,” says Militza.

Hair frizz: Healthy hair tips
One of the best ways to beat frizzy hair is to make sure your hair itself is super hydrated and healthy all season long. “Drink a lot of water, try to avoid chemical treatments and if you blowdry or use irons, protect your hair before a heat activating spray,” suggests Militza. TRY: TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.