Summer hair is supposed to be carefree and healthy. Not tangled, dry and full of split ends. How did it happen? TRESemmé hair expert Susana Hong fills us in on those dirty hair mistakes we all make during the summer that are ruining our chances of achieving a Blake Lively-esque mane.

Summer hair mistake: The over brusher
“One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is brushing your hair aggressively when it’s wet,” says Hong. “Hair is very elastic when it’s wet, so as you are brushing, the hair shaft stretches, often ending in breakage.” Hong’s go to tool for keeping hair in healthy condition? “A wide toothcomb because this will cause less friction therefore less stretching of the hair shaft.” If you’re prone to extra tangles coating your hair in a de-tangling conditioner will help protect and ease tangle pain. TRY: TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray.

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Summer hair mistake: Thinking your hair is actually hydrated
“The biggest no-no is the idea that your hair is less dry in summer months, and many people forgo conditioning treatments, and even conditioners,” explains Hong. “True, there is more water in the air, so you avoid problems like static, but don’t be fooled.” The biggest culprits? The sun’s rays are extremely drying, especially when mixed with regular heat styling tools. Hong suggests always using heat styling products, or trying a Keratin treatment for added moisture.

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Summer hair mistake: Too much pool time sans protection
“Chlorine and salt water are big contributors to damaged hair as well,” advises Hong. “A tip is to apply a bit of conditioning treatment on damp hair before entering a pool/beach. This will ensure that your hair cuticles are filled with emollients and protective ingredients, and help prevent drying agents from the water from entering.”

Summer hair mistake: Making the topknot your signature look
“Topknots are on trend and are extremely practical for summer,” says Hong. “With more moisture in the air, your hair is more elastic therefore more prone to breakage. And I often see women aggressively pull their hair through their hair elastic when executing the top knot style.” That equals major hair breakage, which turns to frizz, dryness and overall unhealthiness. “ Just take it a little easy on the hair. Be gentler when using that elastic.”

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