“Peace comes from within,” says Gisele Bündchen in an ELLE exclusive video. “When you connect to the place inside that knows who you are, you feel joy and you glow.” As the new face of Dior’s Capture Totale skincare line, the supermodel, author and activist shares her tips for living a life of beauty, in every sense of the word, below. 

Find Balance

In her early career, Bündchen experienced crippling anxiety. “I became a prisoner in my own life,” she says. “From the outside I could have everything but really I was feeling like I couldn’t breathe.” Learning to break bad habits helped her to find balance within herself.

Take Time To Reflect

“Shed off the outside noise and go inward,” says Bündchen. Learning to disconnect from environmental stressors and allowing yourself moments of self-reflection is imperative. “Be with yourself. Even if it’s just ten minutes a day, however long you have, just please give that time to yourself.”

Stay Close to Nature

“Being in the middle of nature brings me such joy and balance, its energy is so vibrant and positive,” she says. Bündchen recommends feeling your bare feet on the earth and breathing in fresh air. 

In an Instagram post, Dior Beauty touts the supermodel as “an icon of living well,” making her the ideal choice for their latest Capture Totale campaign. Bündchen “upholds a vision of both healthy and purely authentic beauty,” which embodies the sentiment behind their newest release, the Super Potent Serum.

Watch Bündchen’s full wellness manifesto below.