Warning—this look is not for the faint of heart! Originally crafted by Pat McGrath—International Makeup Artist for Covergirl—during Milan Fashion Week, Gucci’s Fall 2013 prune eye makeup and bleached brows have been crowned one of the sexiest, most daring
beauty trends of the season. Use these quick beauty tips from Covergirl Makeup Pro Amelie Ducharme as your guide to reinventing Gucci’s stunning Fall 2013 eye makeup at home.

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What is Gucci’s Fall 2013 beauty look all about?

You’ve seen the look, but what is all the fuss over Gucci’s Fall 2013 eyes really about? “I love the burgundy colours on the eye. I think it makes the look very sexy and glamorous—more so than the regular black or brown smoky eye,” says Ducharme. “There is something more romantic and vintage when you take out the eyebrows as well.”


Why is Gucci’s Fall 2013 eye makeup a great option for fall?

“The ‘
re-invented smoky eye’ is one of the big trends for Fall 2013 and so are the burgundy colours,” says Ducharme. “The bleached brows seen at the Gucci show really help draw full focus to the eyes for a more dramatic effect.” Fall is the perfect time of year to showcase your eyes with a darker, more mysterious shade of shadow that will keep onlookers intrigued and interested.

How should you complete the rest of your face makeup with Gucci’s Fall 2013 eyes?

“The rest of the makeup should be very minimal to keep the focus on the eyes,” says Ducharme. Ducharme recommends a liquid foundation, neutral blush and a simple nude lipstick to highlight your eyes as the star element.

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You’ve recreated Gucci’s Fall 2013 look…now what?
Gucci’s Fall 2013 eye makeup isn’t exactly a look to try out at the office, only because its shimmering colours and bold allure are more suited for a night on the town. “This exact look is better to keep for an evening event for sure,” says Ducharme. If you want to wear the look throughout the day, stick to these true beauty tips. “For daytime, I would apply the colours on the top lid only, leaving the bottom of the eye clean. For a more subtle approach keep the brows their natural colour,” adds Ducharme.

Find out how to create Gucci’s Fall 2013 eye makeup in four easy steps on the next page…

How can you design Gucci’s Fall 2013 eyes at home?

Grab a photo of a model at Gucci’s Fall 2013 show with her prune eyes on proud display. Then, follow Ducharme’s effortless beauty tips for applying Gucci’s sexy eye makeup below.


1. Outline your upper and lower lash line (plus your inner rim) with a black eye pencil to begin the look.

2. Using a burgundy eye shadow (try Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Red Hot), start to apply the makeup to your inner eye and work up and out toward your crease, smudging the liner as you go and creating a short wing. Be sure to throw in a stroke of shadow to your lower lid as well.

3. Take a black eye shadow and gently add to the outside corner of your top lid and the outer third of the upper and lower lash line. (Look at those eyes start to pop!)

4. Generously apply pure
black mascara to the upper and lower lashes (three or four coats should do the trick), stand back and admire your fine artwork in the mirror.


How can you produce Gucci’s Fall 2013 bleached brows at home?
This is a good question—considering there are two different ways you can go about fashioning bleached eyebrows. “If you want to get permanently bleached brows, I would seriously recommend asking a professional colourist to do it for you,” says Ducharme. If you choose to go with a less permanent option, use these beauty tips for replicating bleached brows for a day. “Using a clean mascara applicator, apply a warm pink-toned concealer in a medium dark colour (try Covergirl Olay Concealer Balm) to brows. Brush the eyebrows against the growth of the hair to get great coverage, then brush with the direction of your brow hair to finish the look,” says Ducharme.

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