How to get over your beauty shame-spiral when the embarrassment of mangy feet, beastly brows or lizard-skin keep you from booking a spa appointment. It’s Saturday morning and I feel disheveled, anxious and embarrassed as I race into the
Village Wellness Spa. Walking in the front door I’m instantly met with the steely glare of my no-nonsense esthetician, Polina. “You are late,” she chirps before turning on her heel and trotting to the treatment room. I follow her feeling the same dread I get before a dentist appointment. My anxiety this time however isn’t because I haven’t flossed. No, what I am carrying around is far worse; I’ve a case of beauty-guilty. It has been almost three months since my last spa visit—which has given me a host of disasters including feet that look like they belong in
Lord of the Rings—and my poor maintenance-routine has caused me to tumble into a beauty-shame spiral. To learn my beauty-shame confession, read on…