We’re getting fresh with our skin care this summer. Sure, we love a
golden, dewy glow, but keeping cool in a sticky-hot summer day is all in your skin care prep—both in the morning and late-afternoon touchups. We chatted with Shannon Seok, advanced spa therapist at
Novo Spa in Yorkville, for her expert tips on keeping a cool, fresh face this summer.

Fresh face summer skin care tip #1: Remove all traces of winter

Since we’re shedding layers this season, we want the skin underneath to glow naturally. “Skin is still dull from winter so I recommend a peel treatment with alpha hydroxy acids, which helps to remove dead skin,” says Seok, who customizes organic facial treatments at the spa with Eminence products to suit individual skin care needs. For a fresh start to summer, Seok also suggests microdermabrasion sessions in moderation. “You need to be careful not to overdo this treatment because skin becomes sensitive and you can get pigmentation if you go outside without sunscreen afterward.”

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Fresh face summer skin care tip #2: Add an SPF to that

A recent study published in the
Annals of Internal Medicine proves that regular sunscreen use fights wrinkles and keeps skin looking younger. Good thing you’ve been wearing it consistently. “Without sunscreen, skin becomes damaged and gets brown spots,” warns Seok. While tinted moisturizers enriched with an SPF provide great all-in-one coverage, the product must be tailored to your skin type. “If you have an oily skin condition and you use an all-in-one product, your skin may break out,” as a result from using heavier, emollient creams, she says.

Lighten up on creamy foundations
this time of year, and opt for mineral foundation in a loose powder. “I like Eminence Sun Defense Minerals,” says Seok. “You feel lighter and it covers and blocks the sun.” Bonus? It’s enriched with SPF 30.

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freshface-canvas.jpgFresh face summer skin care tip #3: Look for vitamin and mineral-enriched products

The abundance of bright, fresh produce available this time of year also works wonders in our skin care. “Cucumber—we all know—has soothing properties,” says Seok. “It’s very hydrating.” As skin, mainly the sensitive types, tends to burn easily in the summer, Seok recommends scanning the ingredients’ label on your skin care products for zinc oxide: a key ingredient to help protect skin from the harsh summer rays. Once skin is properly protected, look for a calming product infused with aloe vera, arnica or chamomile to soothe skin.

“Vitamin C brightens the complexion and has healing properties,” she says, citing the high dose found in strawberries and persimmon. Try Eminence Organics Persimmon & Cantaloupe Day Cream SPF 30 for your fruity fix. And look for products enriched with flavonoids from red fruit—think berries, pomegranate,— which boost collagen production in the skin.

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Fresh face summer skin care tip #4: Use facial mists

Layer your summer skin care products as follows: moisturizer, sunscreen (or double up with an SPF-enriched facial cream), then spritz over top with a facial mist. “They keep in moisture and refresh the skin,” says Seok. We love DaLish Cosmetics Rosewater and Orange Blossom Toner. Lightly mist after makeup application to set the powder, and spray throughout the day to rehydrate skin and extend the wear of your foundation.

Exfoliate at night to remove makeup and oil that builds up throughout the day, then immediately apply moisturizer. “This is the best time because pores are open so the product will penetrate well into the skin,” says Seok. “And you can apply the mist or moisturizer on a damp skin, just pat it in.” Summer just got a whole lot fresher.

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