Model Candice Swanepoel is back as the face of Juicy Couture’s latest scent, the icy, fruity Viva La Juicy Glacé. Over the phone from New York City, the 28-year-old tells us the one thing she always (always) does before bed, the most organized Victoria’s Secret Angel (it’s not her) and why your fragrance belongs in a cooler. 

On her first fragrance memory: “I used to love watching my mom get ready and do her makeup, kind of get all glammed up. She would put her perfume on and you could smell it all over the house, so my brother and I would know that it was time for our parents to go out. [ELLE: I feel like a lot of women say that their first fragrance memories are of their mother’s perfumes. Do you think about that now with your son, how the scent you wear will be in his memories?] Actually it’s funny that you say that—I haven’t thought about it. I think more about how good he smells. The first month, when they’re tiny I was too scared to wear any strong scents because they are so sensitive. But now I’m going to think about that, thank you.” [Laughs]

On her beauty routine: “As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I took out retinol and fragrance. I was using a lot of natural products, like coconut oil and rosewater spray, which I actually always use. I just made my routine a lot more simple. I have been good about taking my makeup off before bed since my early teens. It was actually one of the first beauty things my mom told me, never sleep with your makeup on, and it kind of stuck with me. My friends and I, we would go out and they would sleep with their makeup on, but no matter how late we were out, I’m there taking my makeup off.”



Candice and her son in March 2017. 


On fitness: “I don’t have a lot of time right now. I was just saying that once I get my son to bed, the gym is really the last place that I want to be. So I’ve been doing a lot of stuff at home, a mix of stretching and yoga and resistance stuff, slowly getting my muscle tone back. I’ve been training for so many years and doing yoga and Pilates and so many different classes, that I just tend to do exercises from memory. Sometimes I travel with little ankle weights or bands. I used to dance, so I love choreographing my own little workout routine. I definitely love to sleep in, but now I’m up really early. In the morning, [my son’s] kind of the cutest and the most animated. So I really focus on playing with him and having a good time with him rather than working out.” 

On new mom advice: “Your priorities really kick in after having a baby, you cut out a lot of unnecessary stuff. It’s a whole new level of scheduling for sure. I definitely got some advice from my friend mommies Lily and Doutzen and Adriana on how to balance our busy lives and a baby. Lily is actually a huge inspiration to me because she is just so organized. She always knows her schedule, she even knows my schedule before I know it. [Laughs] It’s all in the details and planning ahead, like if you know you’re going to a specific hotel to ask for specific things that will just make life a little bit easier.”

On the latest fragrance hacks: “[The perfumer] was telling me about a really cool trick for summer that you can do with the fragrance. They chill it on ice or put it in the fridge, and it kind of gives you this amazing sensory experience with the cooling on your skin. It brings out particular notes, especially the floral ones, when you initially spray the fragrance. I’m definitely going to try that.”


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