Every woman dreams of flawless skin: no bumps, no spots, no redness — just smooth sailing from neckline to hairline. Applying foundation is the key to this lovely look, but finding the exact foundation for both your skin tone and skin type can be a challenge! To demystify foundation once and for all, I gave DuWop makeup artist Kaci Harabedian (www.duwop.com) four of your top foundation questions.

Q. How do you apply foundation? What is the best kind to use — powder or cream?

A. I find that applying foundation with fingertips warms the product, making application smoother. The finish is more natural so that you see gorgeous, healthy skin, not foundation.

Powder foundations can be great for people on-the-go as they are quick and easy to use. They can be applied with a brush to even out the complexion or with a sponge for more coverage.

For special occasions or to get a more polished look, a liquid foundation with light reflecting pigment gives the skin full, natural looking coverage without appearing overly made up. When using a medium to full coverage foundation, be sure to thoroughly blend the makeup along the jaw line and down the neck.

Kaci’s product recommendations: I recommend different foundations for different occasions. A tinted moisturizer with SPF is great for everyday use. DuWop makes a great tinted moisturizer called Revolotion Face. It has the perfect blend of colour, SPF 15, hydrating moisturizers, and light reflecting pigment that leaves you with a flawless, natural looking, radiant complexion. For someone who prefers more coverage, I would recommend applying a concealer stick with a brush over the areas of concern.

Q. What is the difference between a tinted moisturizer, a sheer foundation and regular foundation?

A. The difference between foundation types is the amount of coverage each one gives, however, the foundations of different brands vary. For example, one brand’s tinted moisturizer may have more coverage than another brand’s. In general, tinted moisturizers give the lightest coverage while a regular foundation provides the most coverage.

Q. My makeup always looks great right when I put it on, but by the time I actually leave the house, my foundation seems to have disappeared. How can I give my makeup staying power?

A. To help foundation wear longer, try using a primer prior to application. This creates a uniform surface on the face, preparing skin for even foundation application. After applying your foundation, use a soft powder brush to sweep translucent powder all over the face to set your makeup.

Q. I’m almost 45….I have noticed some discolouration of my facial skin — darkish spots and also red patches as well. I also have a small red spider vein type thing right on the tip of my nose. I’m not really fond of wearing foundation as most of what I’ve used in the past has felt very heavy and made my face feel tight. I know that there are many “lighter” foundations out there now, but will they give good coverage without feeling like I have a pile of makeup on?

A. For good coverage without the heavy feel, I would recommend using a tinted moisturizer with concealer. Tinted moisturizers are wonderful because they eliminate redness and conceal discoloration for even-looking skin, and can be used liberally around the face without settling into fine lines and creases. Use a concealer stick to get extra coverage in problem areas like your dark spots and red patches, making sure to blend the edges with your fingers or a brush so the makeup doesn’t look heavy or obvious.

Kaci’s product recommendations: I recommend using DuWop’s Surface concealer. The formula has enough coverage to camouflage skin imperfections and discoloration, yet can be blended sheer enough to be used all over the face.

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