american hustle
If you haven’t seen it: Set in New Jersey in the 1970s/early 80s, this crime drama/comedy features a brilliant con man and his equally genius lover who end up being forced to work for the FBI. Cue mafia run-ins, politician power broking and epic comb overs.
5 reasons it should win Best Picture at the Oscars:
1. Christian Bale’s toupee. I’m pretty sure this hairpiece was listed in the credits separately. Frankly, it was robbed of a Best Supporting Actor nomination. That teased and tousled piece of wiggery is the most terrifying film villain since Hannibal Lector.
2. Amy Adams’ plunging V-necklines, which come at you from all angles in this film. Blouses, pantsuits, dresses. All are wonderful.  Adams reportedly said that there was no wardrobe tape used to keep things in place, just good posture. Shouldn’t we reward both her bravery and her boobs?