NAILS It was an equal-opportunity beauty moment at Vivienne Westwood for fall/winter 2015. “The theme of this show is unisex,” explains Marian Newman, Fashion Week’s “q
ueen of nails.” “Boys are girls and girls are boys and boys are boys—you know, that sort of thing—and everything else in between!” So what’s a unisex nail? “What we are doing for the nails bears no relationship whatsoever to the collection or even the hair, but it’s perfect for Vivienne’s glittery catwalk"—"glitter" being the key word here. The models’ nails were dripping in glitter in every colour imaginable. “We worked with all the M.A.C glitter polishes and loose glitter we could find, and we just randomly applied it to all the nails. There’s no pattern at all. Think of it this way: It’s like children playing in a glitter factory and wanting to try every colour they can find. We’ve tried to make the nails as blingy as possible.”
MAKE UP “You could say that our inspiration came from a Jean Cocteau line drawing,” explains makeup artist Val Garland. Many of the models look like they’re frowning. “We used all M.A.C products: pencils, liners, aqua colours and dominant colours like black or brown." So why the frown? “We’ve kind of done everything here at Westwood over the years when it comes to makeup. I thought, ‘What could we do that is a little bit of something, a little bit of nothing…. I know! Let’s do a frown!’"
HAIR “The whole thing is unisex; it’s the coming together of men and women,” explains hairstylist Sam McKnight. “They look a little bit feral. For inspiration, Vivienne showed me some pictures of ragamuffin kids with African braids who looked like they could be street kids from the Victorian era. It’s very anti-hair, really.” To achieve that matted, dirty textured look, McKnight sprayed the hair with a mix of sugar water. Sweet.
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