I’ve recently developed this new philosophy: if it’s good enough for
Kate Middleton, I’m pretty sure it’ll likewise suit me just fine. So when I heard that the Duchess of Cambridge (reportedly) slathered on bee-stung cream to her face pre-nuptials, I figured this manuka honey-infused skin-tightening and anti-aging face contour mask made from bee venom could potentially work wonders on my skin. Launched in May by Duncan, B.C.-based natural skin care company Wedderspoon Organic,
Queen of the Hive has all the properties of a natural botox – it’s said to tighten and repair wrinkles by promoting collagen and elastin growth – and is made with all natural ingredients like New Zealand organic manuka honey, botanical oils, and of course, bee venom (steer clear if you’re allergic to bee stings). The honeyed cream can be used as a face mask or night cream, and instantly conjures a tingling (buzzing?) sensation when applied to the skin. This may also explain the bee attack nightmare I had the other night (couldn’t make this up if I tried). On the plus side, my skin felt smooth and soft the next morning. Totally worth it.