A few weeks ago, beauty editors gathered at Crush Wine Bar in Toronto to celebrate the 40
th anniversary of Canadian beauty-brand Lise Watier. Amid cheerful talk of plans for our long weekends and toasting Madame Watier’s entrepreneurial success a palpable undercurrent of tension circulated our table. The cause of such animosity: the Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector Palette ($31). Madame Watier’s most iconic products (including the Féline Eyeliner HD) were sprinkled throughout the room, but it was this wheel-of-wonder that had every editor’s perfectly manicured hand inching towards it. Yes friends, it is that good. For anyone who suffers from redness, the occasional blemish or, in my case, an ever-present gloom of dark circles, this corrector wheel can instantly brighten eyes, make you look well rested (which after a night spent sipping sangria on a patio is crucial), and give you clear
radiant skin that lasts all day. Apply the
green to counteract redness.
Lilac brightens your complexion.
Brown contours and sculpts (say hello to cheekbones). Diminishes the appearance of blue veins and dark circles with the
yellowish beige. Hide dark circles with