get_better_sleep Get more sleep. Riiiiiiiight. Not going to happen. My
Damages marathon comes first. Therefore it becomes more about improving the quality of my sleep, and the easiest way to do get that done is to lock out light. I’d love a set of inky gothic blackout curtains, but that’s really not going to gel with my quest to live in an all-white bedroom flourished with shabby chic Frenchness. I recently 
blogged about cutting down my my screen time, and
one of our contributors Liza (you can see her work on our March issue) just recommended this gorgeous,
Canadian-made sleeping mask by Dia. Shall we list the numerous reasons we love this mask? 1. It’s $35. Cut down on your lattes for a few days (they’re interfering with your sleep cycle anyway) and bam—$35 bones will magically appear. 2. "
It loops around each ear so it’s not too tight around the back of the head," says Liza. TRUER WORKS WERE NEVER SPOKEN. I had when my blowout gets cramped. 3. It’s composed of silk, a friendly fibre known for its ability to prevent wrinkles (AKA: softer than cotton, so less smushing). We’re done here, people. Let’s wrap this up. What are your best tips for getting a good night’s sleep?