Chrissy Teigen as a blond (Image: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen)

Chrissy Teigen, queen of Cali-style
beachy waves, has gone over to the dark side. Her once highlighted blond hair is now a rich brunette. David Lopez, Lead Stylist for T3, tells us about the new look below.

ChrissyTeigen-DarkNewHair-DavidLopezChrissy Teigen as a brunette (Photo: Instagram/DavidLopezzz)

What was the inspiration for the look?
David Lopez: I’m currently on location with Chrissy and in discussing the overall look for the shoot, we thought going darker would create a vampier look. We wanted her to feel like a modern day Bond Girl. We felt the dark hair was sexy and strong. The style needed to have a nod to the retro era that inspired the look. I prepared her damp hair with Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray and Show Beauty Luxe Volume Mousse, then rough-dried it completely dry with her head upside down for max volume. I then used a round boar bristle brush to smooth out her hair. From there, I set her hair by flat wrapping large sections of hair around the 1.5” barrel of the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand. Once cooled, I let it down and back-brushed all of her hair to create fullness and smoothed out the outer layer with a fine tooth comb. I detailed the hair with the 1” barrel of the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand to create more bend and a stronger wave. A good tip to create extra fullness is to curl your hair towards your face on the sides, and the opposite way it’s going to fall on the top.
What was her reaction to the colour?
DL: She loved it. She liked that it felt natural and still had a lot of dimension.
Do you know if she plans on keeping it dark? Or is the look just for the shoot?
DL: We went this dark specifically for this shoot. She won’t stay as dark as this, plans on going just a little lighter.
How hard was it to take her hair from blond to brunette? Did it require multiple processes?
DL: Because she has extensions I had to formulate appropriately. I used three different shades with a darker shade at the top. I left out some of the blond in the crown and interior to create dimension and tones those to a dark blond so the color didn’t feel flat.
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