Make room in your makeup bag. A whole host of beauty brands have either recently made their Canadian debut or are poised to start popping up on shelves in the coming months. From powerful anti-aging products to
organic complexion perfecters to colourful cosmetics, we have the inside information on five new brands ready and waiting to shake up your beauty routine.

Éclos skincare

Care to take a bite out of an
Uttwiler Spätlauber? One a day is purported to keep the wrinkles away. This rare Swiss apple (referred to as a “super apple” by some) is the main player in a new line of anti-aging skin care products containing plant stem cells taken from the uncommon fruit. Believed to possess extraordinary skin saving properties, the apple-centric line is now available in Canada, having launched in September. Nine products, ranging from a cleanser and eye cream to a
serum, mask and moisturizer, also contain vitamins and antioxidants that work together to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The Éclos line is also dedicated to creating products without any parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances or dyes, all of which have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. Shop the products exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

One Love Organics

Launched in Canada in June, One Love Organics is the first waterless skin care line in the United States, and is now available north of the border. The line (for face, body and hair) is made in small, artisanal batches and contains only the purest ingredients. The whole line is multi-functional (think a balm that removes makeup, grooms eyebrows and moisturizes dry skin), handmade and hand filled. Suzanne LeRoux, the line’s founder, tells us the products contain only pure, active ingredients to make them as effective as possible. “We were determined to create an easy yet effective line of multi-tasking products that directly benefited the skin,” she explains. “We knew we wanted it to be waterless, since topically-applied water does not benefit the skin and requires preservatives, which we also wanted to avoid.”

One Love Organics is available at Blossom Lounge in Unionville, SavSie Lash Lounge & Boutique in Alberta and Pretty Beauty and Books in Toronto, as well as via their website,

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Alchimie Forever

Created at Forever Laser Institut in Switzerland by two medical doctors, the Alchimie Forever line blends science and nature to create a wide range of anti-ageing brauty products for face and body. Launched in Canada in March, the line ranges from cleaners and toners to moisturizers, eye creams, masks and exfoliators. CEO Ada Polla, whose family is behind the brand’s creation, is happy to have Alchimie products available in Canada. “The country is truly on target with cutting edge products and Canadian women are very knowledgeable about products and skin care therapies,” she says. Alchimie Forever utilizes powerful natural ingredients to create daily skin care products that aim to preserve skin’s youthfulness. Explains Polla: “My family worked to create products that would deliver an immediate glow to the skin while simultaneously providing therapeutic benefits. We used our own research on free radicals to ensure that while also being hydrating the products are also highly antioxidant.”

The products can be purchased in Toronto at Pir Cosmetics and Skin Boutique and online at and

Skin Authority

Developed in Southern California, Skin Authority products are used by cast members of television shows including
Glee. The innovative skin care line introduced 35 products, ranging from face wash to moisturizers to serums. Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling explains that the move to Canada stemmed from customers asking for a place near their homes where they could purchase Skin Authority in-person. “We searched for the perfect partner; one that offers a high-level of customer service and is a respected brand, and Murale was the clear choice.”

Hilling tells us the brand is loved for the instant, visible improvements the beauty products provide and the personalized approach to skin care. Each purchase also includes a free skin care coach, who sets up an ongoing home routine that helps ensure the best possible results. Last year, the Skin Authority team performed more than half a million skin care coaching sessions online. “Our customers have access to the professional, personalized information and support they need to achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin for life.” The celebrity-favourite skin care product Skin Authority launched at eight Murale locations across Canada on October 3.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics

Founder Susan Chyi started her line of botanical cosmetics in her London, England apartment with only a laptop and $1000. Designed for what Chyi describes as the “young and fun at heart”, Jelly Pong Pong offers everything from lip stains, cheek stains and glosses to bronzing powder, eye shadows and mascara. They will be launching in Canada in December in time for Christmas at Urban Outfitters, as well as via their online store at The playful line is infused with plant oils, botanical extracts, amino acids and vitamins A, C and E for added skin-soothing benefits. Chyi tells us they decided to launch in Canada after repeated requests from their Canadian customers. “I could not ignore the fact that Canada has some of the most on-the-beat, beauty-savvy consumers,” she says.

As for the whimsical name, you can thank Chyi’s uncle for that. He uses “pong pong” as a term of endearment and she thought it embodied the playful nature of her brand. “I thought was fun, catchy and really fit in with the creative, young-at-heart audience I wanted to target.”

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