Imagine skin so flawless and even-looking that it doesn’t require a filter to look that way. It all comes down to using camera-ready makeup with ingredients that mimic skin and have light-reflecting properties. So who better to ask than Smashbox Cosmetics’ global pro lead artist Lori Taylor Davis for expert tips on how to create the perfect blurred makeup that naturally enhances skin—on Instagram and in real life.

1. Always prime skin first.
“Well moisturized and hydrated skin holds makeup longer and leaves a more natural look,” Taylor Davis explains. Start with a hydrating primer to avoid having makeup dry up and flake off the skin. “It also adds longevity to your makeup,” she says.

2. Blur imperfections with filter-friendly foundation.

Powder, cream or liquid foundation—this comes down to personal preference and lifestyle choice, says Taylor Davis. However, “A liquid foundation or cream adheres to skin more than powder,” she explains, adding that a powder is prone to sitting on the surface. Try Smashbox Cosmetics Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15 for long-lasting flawless skin.

3. Apply makeup in light layers.

Rather than painting foundation and concealer over imperfections, gradually build up to flawless skin with an application of thin, even layers. “This creates a diffused, softer look and has long-term wear built in,” says Taylor Davis.

4. Add a soft wash of colour.
The same way you apply foundation on the skin in even gradual layers, slowly build up to your colour placement. Apply both cream blush and eye shadow to the face as a base, and tap on a layer of powder over top to set it. “This gives more of an ideal texture to the skin and lasts longer,” says Taylor Davis. Then fill in brows and add a coat of waterproof mascara and you’re (almost) good to go.

5. Set your look in place.
To make sure that your makeup gives you flawless skin all day (or lasts through an entire night out of selfies) set your look with a finishing spray. “That way it will withstand humidity and sweat without looking heavy or cakey,” she says. Of course, if skin starts to look shiny, you can always touch up with a light dusting of powder overtop. But to maintain that flawless skin filter effect, “It’s about looking as natural as possible,” Taylor Davis says.

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