Winter is an easy time to get bored with your look. It’s cold and miserable outside and the motivation to try anything new is at a minimum. But now is the perfect time to break through your beauty rut and try some new beauty trends. Whether it’s to try something fresh for holiday or just update your day-to-day makeup routine, switching things up is a great way to start a new season.

To get a better idea of how to punch up your look this winter we turned to Gail Sagel, makeup artist and president/CEO of FACES Beautiful. She gave us her take on the cold weather beauty trends to try now.

Beauty tips: The “no-makeup” makeup look

Models with barely-there makeup were a staple on fall/winter runways, from Elie Saab to Stella McCartney. This winter why not take the minimalist approach, especially if you usually opt for a more prominent makeup look. “The key here is to create the illusion that makeup wasn’t needed at all to achieve the desired effect,” Sagel says. Even skin tone with a tinted moisturizer and use concealer only where you need it most (under eyes, around the nose). Finish with a light dusting of translucent powder to create a polished but understated face. “Make sure to avoid the common pitfalls of foundations and powders like caking and oil because the look should be fresh and dewy, not stiff and full of product.” Keep your eyes peeled in coming months for “beauty balm” creams that are the hottest beauty products to hit Canadian shelves in years. BB creams are like super-charged tinted moisturizers that even skin tone, provide SPF coverage, and offer a multitude of other skin benefits.

Beauty tips: The hot red lip

Painted, over-saturated pouts are in this winter and red is the must-have hue of the season. We’ve seen a bevy of
celebrity beauties rocking crimson lips lately, from Sofia Vergara to Christina Hendricks to Angelina Jolie, just to name a few. “A bold, red lip is all the rage right now and playing down other features will accentuate the beauty of gorgeous, full red lips,” Sagel explains. So if you are going to work a brightly made up mouth, opt for a neutral palette elsewhere to really create a show-stopping look, she advises. “I think it’s fun to go a little crazy with one facial feature if you’re keeping makeup to a minimum.”

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Beauty tips: Dramatic, exaggerated lashes
Clumpy, spidery lashes may have made a splash this fall, but for winter it’s all about going long. Exaggerated look-at-me lashes are not only dramatic but create a luxurious look perfect for holiday parties. Enhance your natural lashes with a few strategically places false ones, especially on the outer corners to open up your eyes. Finish with two (or even three) coats of mascara for a bold, on-trend beauty look. “Go lash crazy this season,” Sagel says. “Lashes should be extra-long and ultra-thick and not necessarily natural. Think 1960s and 1970s Twiggy, Goldie Hawn and Bridget Bardot.”

Beauty tips: The strong smoky eye
The bold eye trend has been holding strong as a makeup must and showing no signs of going anywhere this winter, Sagel says. In particular for winter we’re seeing the classic smoky eye adopt a stronger, edgier feel. Keira Knightly wears the strong, smoky eye well, as do Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana, all of whom made it a red carpet essential this fall. This sultry look calls for lining both the upper and lower lash lines with a heavy but steady hand and then lightly smudging the liner to finish off with a softer, more feminine twist. Pair this makeup trend with sheer pink or peach lips to make your eyes the focal point.

Beauty tips: Healthy, glowing skin
Clear, healthy glowing skin never goes out of style but complexion perfection is particularly important this season. Fall runways were awash with clear-skinned, rosy-cheeked models, a look that we’ll be seeing a lot of this winter. So it’s time to focus on healthy skin, Sagel says. Winter’s cold wind and dry indoor air make it especially important to make skin health a priority. “Everyone forgets that the key to a beautiful, well put together makeup look is maintaining the health of your skin, first and foremost,” she explains. “In the winter I suggest copious moisturizing, drinking lots of water and using sunscreen no matter how chilly it may be outside.”

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