We always choose our hairstyle (braided updo or blowout?) and makeup look well in advance before a night out, but your beauty routine the next morning, especially if you’re crashing somewhere else that night? Hardly. But it’s important to consider your next-day skin care and beauty routine, and pack accordingly.

We chatted with Taylor Savage, Toronto-based makeup artist, for her expert beauty tips on how to pack the perfect overnight beauty bag (and how to make do with a few essentials when sleeping arrangements change unexpectedly).

Overnight beauty bag: Your skin care routine

If you know that you’ll be spending the night at someplace that isn’t well, your place, be sure to bring along any essentials to cover your skin care bases. “I always opt for a small travel pack of organic cotton sensitive skin baby wipes to throw in my purse for on-the-go makeup removal,” says Savage. “They are inexpensive and easy on the skin with no harsh astringents—perfect for soothing skin after a rough night!”

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Because if there’s one cardinal beauty sin that’s never OK to commit, it’s skipping out on washing your face before heading to bed. Seriously—never. “It’s important to remove your makeup after a night out,” emphasizes Savage. “Sweat, dirt, and makeup will settle into your pores and cause unwanted breakouts and premature aging. Plus, it always feels better to wake up with a clean face, especially after a night out!”

Overnight beauty bag: Fresh face beauty essentials
The trick to looking great on the go is to come prepared. So what beauty products should make the cut? “A few essential skin care products to carry in your bag is a tinted moisturizer and lip balm,” Savage recommends. “To fight puffy eyes and dark circles, try an eye cream or serum, like Dermalogica Total Eye Care.” As for the rest of the face, “A hydrating spray mist will instantly refresh and brighten your skin,” she says (her go-to pick? Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist).

MAKEUP TIPS: Your on-the-go beauty routine

More skin care essentials for your next-day beauty routine on the next page…

overnight-beauty-bag-page-two.jpgFor your beauty routine the next morning, Savage says that you want to create a fast, fresh look with just a few must-have products. “Use products that do double duty and don’t take up a lot of space in your purse. Try a soft pink or peach cream blush and apply to cheeks and lips. The moisturizing properties in the cream will feel soothing on tired skin. A great one to try is MAC Cream Colour Base.”

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To avoid the “I’ve been out all night” look, focus on your eyes and cheeks. “Using a good eyelash curler and mascara will open your eyes and make you look more awake,” she says. “And applying blush will instantly brighten your face.”

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Overnight beauty bag: Your makeshift beauty routine

So you didn’t plan on spending the night and won’t have time to dash home to get ready before heading to the office? It happens, but you can still arrive for your morning meeting or weekend brunch plans without drawing attention to your lack of sleep. “Make do with these essential products in a pinch: a good moisturizing lip balm—it an also be used as a quick fix on dry patches of skin,” says Savage.

And swipe the oil-absorbing blot papers—the ones you keep stashed in your handbag for emergencies— along your face. “Clear the look of tired eyes with hydrating eye drops—Visene works wonders!” she suggests.

You’ll be bright-eyed in no time—before you can head home and actually catch up on some beauty sleep.

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