Trust us. These should be in every girl’s handbag.

Name: Paul and Joe blotting paper.
The specs: 100 mattifying sheets that come in the cutest packaging.
Why we love: These are one of my two favourite beauty products. The other is dry shampoo. I love them both for the same reason–they slurp up oil on contact. Typically a summer staple to help deal with a perpetually moist face thanks to relentless humidity, blotting paper is something I carry with me 365 because my shiny skin problem persists year round. Take today, for example. This morning my face looks fresh and matte in all the right places, but come 2:00 p.m., it’s going to look like I could fry an egg on my T-zone. Hyperbole aside, these glorious squares stamp out the slick and won’t leave a powdery residue so no one is the wiser, which means your bf can use them too.
Where to buy: Available at, $5.