Image courtesy L’Oreal Professional

Last week, Toronto was treated to a special unveiling of Erdem‘s Fall/Winter 2014 collection at a lovely luncheon. Every detail of the fashion show was in place, right down to the flurry of hair and makeup pros working backstage, amongst clouds of dry shampoo and hairspray. We caught up with L’Oreal Professional’s Brennen Demelo, who keyed the hair at the show. "We kept it very tight on the back of the head. it’s a slight change that happened in London; there was more of a flyaway that happened on the face. It’s an amazing look for the runway because the hair will have lots of movement as the girls are walking so it’s true runway hair." Sounds like Lazy Girl hair to us. So, thumbs up. How to get the look:

1. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail.

2. Half wrap your ponytail by leaving an end out of the bottom.

3. Take the remainder and wrap it around the ponytail leaving the tails of the hair at the bottom ("Less hair is better," says Demelo).

4. Pull out a few flyaways from around the face, then muss it up a little bit. "Don’t be afraid to have a few extra free flyaways."

Sounds easy enough, right?
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