This month, Caley Skinner—our fearless, beauty-obsessed intern—test-drives makeup trends inspired by our round-up of the top 10 beauty how-to videos.

Today’s dare: The
Skyfall Bond Girl look
Video inspiration: 
Michelle Phan’s “007 Skyfall Bond Girl”
Caley’s verdict: This is
not a look to smile in. Trust me, I tried it and I looked super creepy. Would Sévérine have been smiling while casually applying this makeup? No, she just got out of the sex trade and is on a mission to kill her boss. She’s presumably thrown some new makeup over her old makeup and hurried off to
meet Bond, right? She probably can’t wait to take a shower, which Bond actually
interrupts. My point is, this is the makeup to wear when you’re feeling a little dangerous, not when you’re playing beer pong. This is the ultimate vampy look, and it required about as much makeup as I can fit on my face. Berenice Marlohe’s bond girl is all about dark eye shadow, dark lipstick, and dark hair (yes, I’m lacking in that department). The look is slightly Asiatic—after all, Bond meets our girl in Macau. My adaptation of this look includes my favourite gray shadow, M.A.C.’s Smut, and Bite’s high pigment pencil in Scarlet. The real key to capturing Sévérine’s mystique is in drawing out the eyes, so when you’re doing your eye shadow, don’t stop at your crease as usual, but instead create a point, as if you’re doing a cat eye look with your shadow. It’s okay to be a little messy with your eyeliner; smudge it all around your eyes—Sévérine is hot in a laissez-faire sort of way. This is 100% a night look—best to avoid wearing this much makeup during the day, as it’ll make you look harsh without a romantic night-time lens. Pair this Bond Girl makeup with blacks and deep jewel tones—no pastels allowed! The same rule goes for nail polish and accessories: choose black or a
dark shade of red or purple. The best part of Sévérine’s look? It’s already smudgy, so it lasts all night—just keep adding eyeliner!
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