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Post-MFW Recuperation

By Karen Kwan MFW wrapped up on Thursday night with some super cute clothes from Barilà (not to mention some fantastic hair, which has me wishing I still owned a crimper) and an open-to-the-public show from Yso. After four long days of MFW,  I was exhausted just watching Denis and Amélie (we’re on a first-name basis now—he’s the
Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist in charge of hair at MFW and she’s the
Cover Girl makeup pro in charge of makeup ) on their feet day after day. So I was curious as to how they were going to relax after this hectic week. And it turns out that there is no rest for the talented: Denis is flying to Paris for a photo shoot for l’Officiel, and Amelie had to work on a photo shoot the very next day (“But Saturday, I’ll go for a nice, 90-minute massage at Balnea spa,” she says).
As for the models, most of them are in school (as evidenced by the textbooks and homework I spotted many of them with backstage) so they’ll be back to class, but many plan on giving their hair and skin a bit of a detox after MFW. For example, one model I spoke to planned on giving her hair a rest by simply shampooing and conditioning her hair for the next week and skipping blow drying. Denis actually recommends the opposite, however. “Blow drying is good for the hair.  The heat and the tension from blow drying helps smooth the cuticle,” he says. “Without blow drying, there is no shine to the hair.” He suggests using Pantene Pro-V Nourishing Replenishing Moisture Mask weekly, in addition to brushing and touching your hair often to encourage your scalp’s natural oils.
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